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As more and more holiday purchases move online each year, Black Friday’s face-to-face shopping trends show no signs of slowing, representing the entertainment and mild regret of at least one local Christmas tree owner. I am.

Many of his Alpine Christmas trees are about to lose business to the .com marketplace at any time as the gap between the rows of trees was quickly filled with people looking for a holiday highlight in the old-fashioned living room on Friday. There seemed to be little concern from Chris Maretich.

“Usually Black Friday was a good day, but it was a good day, but the real big sales came around the 1st (December),” said Maretich, who opened his first lot the year after graduation. Said. From West High in the ’76 class. “Well, in the last few years it’s just a little faster.

“We actually sold some trees all week, but we weren’t ready so we tried not to sell them,” he said with a laugh, from a longtime Alpine Christmas tree customer. Mentioned a pre-order by email. Maretich’s experience helped to gain a reputation for offering larger trees, such as the 54 footers featured at the marketplace opening and the 25 footers that Valley Baptists order each year. Of course, he exhibited everything up to 5 feet and 6 feet at a more affordable price range.

Most parts of the city were busy on Friday and I couldn’t call Mike’s Christmas tree. However, buyers could see it in the snow road parcel. An employee of Heavenly Pines in New Horizon Boulevard immediately apologized for not being able to speak on the phone because he was “overwhelmed” by those looking for trees.

The reason for the recent rush is due to the harsh conditions of the tree market over the past few years, where factors such as weather conditions and wildfires have hurt the supply of imported goods in the northwest.

Despite years of careful planning and planting, by December 10, Maretich had reached 117 degrees Celsius due to a national shortage caused by drought and heat waves in Oregon. There was a shortage of trees enough to cause serious damage to the crops. For many, he said.

The oldest of his five plots, combined to sell about 14,000 trees from the orchards near Corvallis and Eugene, Oregon, on Friday morning, using a mobile phone, Despite addressing the logistical challenge of moving many of its many units in about two, it was fully functional. -Week span.

Kristen Riuler appeared just before the opening of one parcel at 9 am. This was done as part of a family ritual of going out for small shopping.

“I googled and found that there were (many) good reviews and big trees, so I went check them out,” said a Lemoore resident looking for a 10-foot Douglas-fir. rice field. “Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, we come out and have a morning. We choose hot chocolate and wood.”

Most people seemed less interested in the type of wood than its size and shape.

“We are looking for the largest tree we can find,” said Nancy Rachar, who arrived in many places when she opened with her husband Nathan and her three children. Among the first lot hits on Friday, Nathan once worked at the location of Wibble Road, so she said she knew where to go. The family is now ready to pick the centerpiece of the family’s annual gathering.

Nancy and Nathan Láchar both admitted that they would be the wood-choosers and didn’t care if it was Douglas, aristocrat, or Nordman, but they found the right fir on Friday. It only took a few minutes.

Tree lots usher in Christmas season throughout Kern County | News Source link Tree lots usher in Christmas season throughout Kern County | News

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