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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-05-12 17:50:11 –

The trend in the pandemic era is paying dividends to those who are trying to save money.

Food foraging became widespread during the COVID blockade as people sought new hobbies and ways to get out. Estimates from environmental and social scientists at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania have tripled national interest during the pandemic.

Some went to the backyard and went to a local park, but Orion Aon, Colorado, spent hours collecting much of the food he eats, deep in the woods and along riverbanks.

“As you know, in normal years I will probably go out [to forage] A couple of times a week, “said Aon. “Usually people eat 30 different seeds a year. I probably eat 100 to 200 different seeds a year in my diet, which is a conservative estimate.”

Aon’s interest began when he was 10 years old when he first hunted mushrooms. He says his adventures and expeditions continued to forage as his hobby until 2012, when he began foraging to supplement his nutrition. Today, Aon hunts all his meat, chooses his spices, and collects many vegetables to use in his daily diet.

Not only did it provide him with an exit to nature and connections, he also avoided rising costs in grocery stores.

“There are no quantitative numbers, but you can certainly save,” he said. “As you know, our pantry has shelves full of things I have chosen and stored. Our freezer is full of what I was looking for, so skip to the grocery store for a month. , It’s very easy to eat such things as needed, but you know, there is a convenient element to go to the store. “

Aon says that about 30% of his diet is made from the food and ingredients he forages.

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