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The starry sky cast of Aaron Sorkin’s 1960s trial drama The Trial of the Chicago won the Grand Prize on Sunday …

The starry cast of Aaron Sorkin’s 1960s trial drama The Trial of the Chicago 7 won the highest award on Sunday at the virtual pre-recorded Screen Actors Guild Awards, where Netflix won the highest honor of a Hollywood actor for the first time. Was awarded.

The 27th SAG Awards presented by Hollywood actor Guild SAG-Aftra was a modest event. It’s not because the ceremony is virtual, there’s no red carpet, and it’s condensed into a pre-recorded, zoom-rich, one-hour broadcast. With TBS and TNT. Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland, a leading Academy Award nominee, wasn’t nominated for the best ensemble, so the SAG Awards postponed this year weren’t as Oscar previews as most years.

Still, the Trial of the Chicago 7 victory was the first time a streaming service movie had won the Guild Ensemble Award. Written and directed by Sorkin, The Trial of the Chicago 7 will be released in theaters by Paramount Pictures before the pandemic, leading to sales to Netflix. Streamer is still the first Oscar winner of the Best Picture Award.

Frank Langera, who plays the judge who presided over the 1969 indictment of an activist arrested at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, compared the anxieties of the time with those of today, receiving awards on behalf of the cast.

The win beat two other Netflix releases, “MaRainey’s Black Bottom” and “Da5 Bloods,” and Amazon’s “One Night in Miami” and A24’s “Minari.” If Lee Isaac Chung’s Korean-American family drama “Minari” had won, it would have been the second consecutive year that a non-English movie had won the SAG’s highest award. Last year, the “Parasite” cast won, making it the first cast from a film in a language other than English.

The SAG Award is a pioneer of the Oscars that are gaining attention. The actors make up the largest branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and SAG winners are often alongside Oscar winners. Last year, Parasite won an Academy Award for Best Picture, and SAG’s individual winners Renée Zellweger, Brad Pitt, Laura Dern and Joaquin Phoenix also won Oscars.

These awards this year were presented to Chadwick Boseman, the best male actor in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Viola Davis, the best female actor in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”. Youn Yuh Jung, the best female supporting actor in “Minari”. Daniel Kaluuya, the best supporting actor in “Judas and the Black Messiah”.

Among them, Davis’ victory was the most amazing in the category that often belonged to Carey Mulligan (“promising young woman”) or Frances McDormand (“nomad”). This is Davis’ fifth personal SAG award.

“In August, thank you for leaving a legacy to the color actors who can enjoy the rest of their lives,” said Davis, referring to playwright August Wilson.

As was the case throughout the award season, the best male actor once again belonged to Boseman for his final performance. Boseman, who died last August at the age of 43, had already set the record for most SAG movie nominations (four) in a year. He was also nominated after death for his supporting role in “Da Five Blood” and was shared in both Spike Lee’s films and “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” ensemble nominations.

It was the SAG Award that Boseman made one of his most memorable speeches. At the Guild’s 2019 Awards, Boseman spoke on behalf of the “Black Panther” cast when the film won the Grand Prize. “We all know what it’s like to be told that you don’t have a place to be introduced,” Boseman said then. “Still you are young, talented and black.”

Academy Award-winning front runner Nomadland missed the Best Ensemble nomination because the cast is primarily composed of non-professional actors. Zhao’s film has previously won the Producers Guild of America and Golden Globe Awards for predictability. The “Chicago 7 Trial,” which won an Oscar and four other awards for Best Picture, could challenge front runners.

In an interview following the pre-recording of the “The Trial of the Chicago 7” award, Langera called the virtual experience much more civilized. “I’m wearing bedroom slippers,” he said from the Hudson Valley in New York. “I don’t wear pants,” added his co-star Michael Keaton.

Eddie Redmayne, who plays Tom Hayden in the film, brought together such disparate actor groups in an ensemble, including Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Rylance, and Jeremy Strong, and Sawkin and casting director Francine Maisler.・ Recognized the achievements of Maisler.

“It was like a clash of different kinds of music, jazz, rock, classical, etc., but they all came together under Aaron. He was mostly a conductor,” Redmayne said. “It was a daily pleasure to see these wonderful, different and diverse actors hit it long.”

In the television category, ensembles of “Schitt’s Creek” (comedy series) and “The Crown” (drama series) have been added to the series of awards. Other winners include Anya Taylor-Joy (“Queen’s Gambit”), Gillian Anderson (“Crown”), Jason Sudeikis (“Ted Lasso”), Jason Bateman (“Welcome to Ozark”), and Mark Ruffalo (“Welcome to Ozark”). A portrait of a family “) is included. For real”).

The award is usually the hottest event for the Screen Actors Guild, but the union’s confrontation with former President Donald Trump may have attracted more headlines earlier this year. Trump resigned from SAG-Aftra after the guild prepared to expel Trump for his role in the Capitol riots (credits include “The Apprentice” and “Home Alone 2”) ..


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