Trial of three white men accused of murdering Amado Arbury begins | Armor Arbury

Trial of three white men accused of pursuit and murder Armor berry In one of Georgia’s most notorious racial killings, a jury selection is scheduled to begin on Monday, and the judge’s estimation process can take at least two weeks.

The jury’s duty notice is to secure a fair panel of 12 and 4 agents for the trial of Travis McMichael, his father Greg, and their friend William “Rody”, Glynn County. It was mailed to 1,000 people. Brian.

McMichael’s was accused of chasing a black man, Arbury, on a pickup truck when he went for a run in February 2020. Brian joined the chase and filmed a cell phone where Travis McMichael shot a 25-year-old Arbury with a shotgun. Short distance. All three have denied murder.

Too many jury notices were sent, 600 people were needed to appear in the Glynn County Superior Court on Monday, and the rest waited for a week, demonstrating the sensitivity of the case.What was added to the controversy Prosecution last month Former prosecutor Jackie Johnson has been accused of protecting a man, one of whom, Greg McMichael, was a former employee.

The suspect remained free for more than two months before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the case from the District Attorney’s Office.The man was arrested in May 2020 Grand jury charged with murder next month.

Court officials intend to complete the trial in Glynn County, but the suspect and victim live within two miles of each other, attracting international attention, Federal hate crime investigation..

“A great many people know or know something about the defendant or victim,” Glynn County Senior Court Secretary Ronald Adams told The Associated Press.

“You really don’t want to run out of qualified juries you have.”

A combination of reserved photos provided by the Glynn County Detention Center. From left, Travis McMichael, father Gregory McMichael, and William’Rody’Brian are shown. Photo: AP

The prosecutor will eventually tell the jury that the unarmed Arbury was found and targeted by the group when he set out to run near his home in Brunswick. McMichael’s believed that Arbury was the cause of the theft from the construction site, and although there was no evidence of involvement in criminal activity, they said they wanted revenge.

Prosecutor Brian would say he joined the chase, even though he later presented himself as an innocent witness to the murder.

Meanwhile, male lawyers claim that they acted in self-defense after Arbury attacked McMichael’s with his fist.The case was barely advertised until Brian Conflict Video Leaked online in May 2020 and spread by word of mouth, it infuriated civil rights groups who were furious that the man had not been arrested or charged.

In addition to the charges of malicious murder and felony murder, the three have been charged with two weighted assaults and one imprisonment and attempted imprisonment, respectively.

Arbury’s death was one of the black killings that caused racial protests across the United States last summer. George Floyd By White Police Officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota Breona Taylor It fell into the hands of law enforcement officers during a raid on her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Lee Merritt, a lawyer for Arbury’s family, said last year that a few weeks delay in detention of suspected murderers highlighted racial disparities in the judicial system.

“All citizens are entitled to the same protection under the law,” he said. “This incident was reported by all black citizens in the South. Georgia If you shoot someone on the street in the daytime, you generally don’t get the same protection, as you would generally expect to be arrested at least. There were no arrests. “

Trial of three white men accused of murdering Amado Arbury begins | Armor Arbury

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