Tribal leaders discuss solutions to sovereignty challenges – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-01-14 17:13:04 –

Tulsa, Oklahoma-Cherokee and Chica Sonation tribal leaders are working on ways to tackle sovereignty challenges.

On Thursday, Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Governor Bill Anotaby sat down at a virtual roundtable.

The Supreme Court’s decision, McGart, was a tough victory for the Oklahoma tribal nation, but it posed some challenges as to how to advance some of the barriers that leaders still face.

The length of sentences that Congress can distribute to tribes and the restrictions imposed on criminal state law gaps.

“Governor Anotaby and I promise that there will be jurisdiction gaps and that we will definitely solve our challenges, and we believe there is a way to solve them and solve them. Criminals I think we need an opportunity to surround him. Jurisdiction. “

The two leaders also agree that some issues must be resolved in parliament.

However, neither states that they support the erosion of sovereignty legitimately acquired in the ruling.

The issue of “legislative amendment” has been openly opposed by other tribes such as the Corgi (Creek) Nation.

Some are concerned that the controversial negotiations over game compacts last year could make state compacts over tribal jurisdiction long-term.

However, Chief Hoskin Jr. says he believes the country can work with the governor, despite previous issues.

“There are a lot of people in this state, especially in the legislature who understand the wisdom of compression. The governor did so because they actually have a deeper knowledge of compression. I am their ally. The Governor is optimistic that he has learned some lessons that the next compression round will be successful and if it is successfully compressed around McGart it will be a great test of his leadership. , But he will have other leaders in the state I think he encourages him to work together to tackle this. “

I asked Mascorgi (Creek) Nation about the reaction to the proposal at the roundtable, but there was no response.

Tribal leaders discuss solutions to sovereignty challenges Source link Tribal leaders discuss solutions to sovereignty challenges

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