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Washington (AP) — Hundreds of demonstrators appeared Saturday behind a fortified parliament building to help those charged with the January riots, but media and heavy police There were very many due to the existence of.

US Capitol Police is missing out on opportunities, and hundreds of police officers have been brought to Washington. Attack before taking office.. The fence around the Capitol was replaced, the Municipal Police were fully activated, and the Capitol Police sought help from the National Guard.

According to police, when the rally began, there were several conflicts and one was arrested for holding a knife, but no major incident was reported early on. Still, law enforcement officers stayed on the edge, fearing possible violent and protesters. Police were also prepared for the possibility that some demonstrators would arrive with weapons, even though backpacks were allowed into the area and there were no checkpoints.

The rally was rang by a large dump truck and took place in a field far from the Capitol. Law enforcement officers and metal barricades prepared in the staging area were placed around the street. Inside the Capitol, police riot shields were placed near doors and windows. This is very different from January, when internal police officers were left unequipped with riots and were immediately overwhelmed when the crowd rushed inside.

Dozens of dump trucks form a barrier around the area where rally attendees were expected to gather. (AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite)

What will happen this weekend due to the constant attempts to rewrite the story of January 6 violence and panic and the heightened instability behind the lie that the 2020 elections were stolen. It was impossible to predict. After all, law enforcement only expected a protest of freedom of speech on the day Trump supporters attacked the Capitol to confuse Joe Biden’s proof of victory.

Tom Manger, police chief of the Houses of Parliament Friday press conference While it was difficult to determine if the threat of violence at an event was credible, “chattering” online and elsewhere was similar to the information missed in January.

Organized rally Former Trump Campaign Staff Matt BrainardAims to assist those detained after the January 6 riots — about 63 of the more than 600 people charged with the deadly riots were detained behind the bar.Latest Attempt NS Disregard and deny January violence. In an interview with MSNBC, he downplayed the low attendance and instead said media coverage of the event helped send the message.

Information gathered before the rally suggested the emergence of radical groups such as Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. However, some prominent members of the group vowed that they would not go and told them not to attend others. Far-right online chatter is generally tame, and Republican lawmakers downplay the event.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has approved that about 100 members of the DC National Guard should be placed in a city arsenal near the Capitol and called in as a backup if necessary. They will be without firearms, but will be equipped with batons and protective vests for self-defense.

Parliament was adjourned and it was not expected that there would be legislators in the building on Saturday. Biden was in Delaware over the weekend.

Many commenters on online platforms like Telegram, which is popular to the far right, have denied the rally, saying they believe law enforcement is driving an event to trap Trump supporters. bottom. Some people urged their followers not to attend the events they said were secretly hosted by the FBI.

According to police, when the rally began, there were several conflicts and one was arrested for holding a knife, but no major incident was reported early on. (AP photo / Alexander Brandon)

But at the same time, some commenters continued to promote planned rallies in cities and state capitals across the country.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump still uses his platform as the most popular leader in the Republican Party, expressing sympathy for those arrested, continuing to disseminate false information about elections, and attacking him as the week progresses. I was in a hurry.

The Associated Press examined hundreds of court and prison records of parliamentary riot defendants to find out how many were detained, and about 63 were detained in federal detention centers awaiting trial or judgment. I found that. Federal authorities are still looking for other suspects who may reach behind the bar.

At least 30 people have been imprisoned in Washington. The rest are trapped in facilities nationwide. They said they were being treated unfairly, and one defendant said he had been beaten.

Federal authorities have identified some of the detainees as leaders, members, or associates of radical groups. This includes nine defendants associated with Proud Boys and three associated with the rebel Oath Keepers. Dozens of people have been charged with colluding to launch a coordinated attack on the Capitol to prevent Congress from proving the 2020 electoral college vote, in the most serious accusations.

Some of the imprisoned defendants have been charged with assaulting police officers, while others have been charged with violent intimidation. Several were released after their arrest, but were subsequently detained again for violating their release conditions.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Circuit of the District of Columbia has set the criteria for judges to apply in deciding whether to imprison a riot defendant in the Houses of Parliament. A committee of three judges on the Court of Appeals has accused mobs of attacking police officers, breaking through windows, doors and barricades, and playing a leading role in the attacks. He ruled that he was in a “different category of danger” from those who did. After it was breached, it entered violence or a building.

However, it is unclear how the majority of the proceedings indicted will end. A Californian woman who joined the mob on Friday avoided sentence when a federal judge sentenced her to probation. The results fit into the early patterns of January 6 riot prosecution.

Associated Press writers Michael Kunzelman, Mary Claire Jaronic, Jack Velvet, David Kleper, Lisa Mascaro, Jake Braberg, Amanda Sates, Ashraf Khalil and Robert Burns contributed to this report. Did.

Trickle of protesters at DC rally outnumbered by media, police Source link Trickle of protesters at DC rally outnumbered by media, police

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