Business, AirAsia, Oyo on tourism recovery from Covid

Raising the immunization rate for Covid-19 will help boost the recovery of the travel and tourism industry, a committee of experts told CNBC.

Vaccination is the only comprehensive way to combat the effects of the coronavirus, said Ritesh Agarwal, CEO and founder of Oyo, a startup in the Indian budget hotel chain. Nancy Hanger Ford Between virtual CNBCEvolve Global Summit on Wednesday.

Global travel and tourism was a huge hit last year, and many airlines are still struggling to float. The coronavirus pandemic closed the border and interrupted most international travel. Many countries are slowly opening their economies and borders, especially in the west, as vaccination rates are rising.

“I believe travel will stay here. Domestic travel will lead to recovery, but vaccination is the only comprehensive and definitive solution,” Agarwal said.

Oyo, SoftbankAccording to the CEO, startup-backed and relatively high immunization rates in Europe have more than doubled the number of reservations per day in the summer.

He said travelers tend to book rooms in hotels where staff have been vaccinated, adding that Oyo will provide proof that their staff have been vaccinated.

Asian vaccination drive

In terms of immunization rates, some of Asia’s most populous countries are relatively behind their counterparts in Europe and the United States.

Information collated by scientific online publications, Data of our worldShows that as of June 15, 40% of North Americans have been vaccinated with at least one Covid vaccine and 36% in Europe have been vaccinated. By comparison, although the pace of vaccination is accelerating in Asia, only 21% have received at least one vaccination in Asia.

Airasia Chief executive officer Tony Fernandez said he was very optimistic about vaccination rates, especially in Southeast Asia.

“There is distribution, there is demand, and supply is now stable,” he added, adding that most Southeast Asian countries expect to reach a 60% vaccination rate with the first dose by September. It was.

I believe the trip will stay here. Domestic travel leads the recovery, but vaccination is the only comprehensive and definitive solution.

Retish Agruwar

Oyo CEO and Founder

But he’s not very bright about that possibility Internationally recognized vaccine passport — A digital app on your smartphone allows you to access your personal health data to see if you have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Support for digital health passports is split. Critics have raised concerns about how secure personal data can be as third-party apps communicate with databases that contain sensitive personal health information.

But according to the low-cost carrier boss, the travel industry needs regulatory consistency.

Passengers flock to Wuhan Station on the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday held in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China on June 12, 2021.

Zhao-kun | Visual China Group | Getty Images

“If you have two vaccines, you don’t need to quarantine. It seems to vary from country to country,” he said. Countries should also accept all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization, Fernandez added.

Main trends of travelers

Domestic travel is already recovering in countries like China, which have relatively good pandemic management. Cases remain relatively low while vaccination rates are rising.

Last month, millions of people rushed to travel During a five-day Labor Day vacation in the country due to a surge in hotel, car rental and other travel bookings.

Jane Sun, CEO of China’s travel booking site, said he is looking forward to a strong recovery in domestic travel in China. “We saw a strong stagnation in demand through search volume data,” she said.

Sun explained that since the beginning of the pandemic, there are three trends that have been observed among people traveling again.

First, we are increasing bookings with hotels, airlines, and local operators that offer masks, hand sanitizers, and other safety measures. Second, people are now traveling in much smaller groups. Finally, they choose a flexible package that allows them to change, cancel, or postpone their trip.

AirAsia’s Fernandez needs, in the current situation, operators, including low-cost carriers, to adapt and offer more flexibility to travelers, even if it’s not a sound business decision. I agreed to be there.

“There is too much uncertainty,” he said, adding that as travel certainty increases, airlines may regain some of their previous stricter policies., AirAsia, Oyo on tourism recovery from Covid

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