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Tucson, Arizona 2022-05-31 06:52:00 –

It gets warmer today and the maximum temperature is pushed up in the late 90’s, but a gust of 20 mph will occasionally blow. One less spark means one less wildfire.

As the temperature rises, it begins to rise and will return to three digits by the middle of the week. The hottest days are Thursday and Friday, with temperatures of around 103 ° / 104 °. New Mexico got into some dampness at the end of this week’s work, and most models keep all their activities well in the east. Areas along the AZ / NM border can be hit by some dry thunderstorms, and a major concern about them will be new wildfires. Details will be announced at a later date.

As the system passes north, temperatures will drop to about 100 ° this weekend. Due to the high temperatures, always be careful, hydrate and limit intense outdoor activities before locking. Also note that if you need to walk your dog in the afternoon, the temperature of the asphalt can be 50 degrees above the temperature. Walking on the asphalt burns the dog’s paws. Be careful and store it on the surface of the lawn or in the shade.

  • Today: Warm, refreshing and sunny. High: 98 °
  • Tonight: Clear and mild. Low: 64 °
  • Tomorrow: It’s hot and sunny. High: 100 °

Triple Digits on the way! | News Source link Triple Digits on the way! | News

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