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“The cause of death was trauma caused by the sharp force of a puncture wound,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release. “The way of death is murder.”

ST. Johns County, Florida — The Sheriff’s Office in St. Johns County says the death of 13-year-old Tristin Bailey was caused by “sharp trauma from stinging,” according to a news release on Tuesday.

Tristyn’s body was found in the woodlands of the Durbin Crossing district on Sunday night after being reported missing early Sunday morning.

“Currently, the cause of death has been determined by the Chief Inspector General, Dr. Predrag Burick, to be a sharp puncture wound,” said Release. “The method of death is murder. We will continue to investigate the case thoroughly and begin to move the case to a state law firm.”

State law firms have confirmed that Tristyn has been stabbed multiple times.

On Monday, Sheriff Rob Hardwick announced the arrest of 14-year-old Aiden Hutch, who was charged with murder for the second time in the case.

The release also states that investigators were able to obtain numerous search warrants, which found some evidence locations in Futch’s home.

Initially, the sheriff’s office planned to provide updates via live stream, but due to technical issues, it issued a written statement instead.

Futch appeared in court on Tuesday morning, and the judge found a “possible cause” of delinquency caused by Futch and therefore ordered him to be detained for 21 days or up to further court orders. So far, state law firms have not decided whether Futch will be brought to justice as an adult.

The suspect and victim went to school together, but the sheriff’s office did not reveal whether they were classmates at the Patriot Oaks Academy. Investigators have interviewed several witnesses in connection with the case, according to Hardwick.

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