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Wooster, Ohio (WJW) – A high school student who couldn’t live, walk, or speak, fought twice from the brink of death and graduated on Friday night.

Christian Mendoza was just beginning her second year at Triway High School. Worcester When he was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the base of the skull and cerebellum.

One day he was working and the next day he woke up at Akron Children’s Hospital.

“I was in a hospital bed like” Wait, what’s going on? ” People were telling me “you’re almost dead,” so I was like “oh, that’s not good,” Christian said.

He may have lost his time, but despite having more than 20 surgeries and extensive physiotherapy in two years, he had no sense of humor.

After the tumor was resected, he developed posterior fossa syndrome and had to relearn everything.

“He basically had to reconnect his brain to his body,” said Christian mother Heather Garns. “He needs to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, and move his arms.”

Garns’ eyes swell in tears when she thinks of a journey she had lost most of her Christians and didn’t expect to see today.

“No, I didn’t,” she said. “He was a great kid, a great kid, and he did it with humor, irony and kindness.”

At the hospital, Christian was famous for instigating a stupid string battle with his neurosurgeon and bringing a glitter bomb.

He was so loved that members of his care team, including ICU nurses and occupational therapists, attended the graduation ceremony. He couldn’t wait to walk across the stage.

“Every time, no matter what is thrown at him, he appears and does it with humor and finds a way to find his independence again,” said Brittany Holmes of Akron Children’s Hospital OT.

She admits that Christian’s recovery was severe and included months of hospitalization and at least 6 hours of physiotherapy and speech therapy a day.

But throughout, as he kept his school job and walked to get his diploma, the crowd cheered and many cried, but Christians took it all boldly. rice field.

“I didn’t really do anything. I was just hanging there,” Christian said.

The family says they are especially grateful for all the help and support of Akron Children’s Hospital and Triway High School, especially his principal Scott Wharton.

“When the world collapses, there are good people there,” Garns said.

Along with his diploma, Christian won the Courage Award on Friday.

The district also announced that because of his patience and positive attitude, they would then name the scholarship after him.

As for Christians, he says he can’t wait to go to the gym every day, get stronger, get back to work, and one day raise his family.

Triway High School student who battled brain tumor beats all odds, earns diploma Source link Triway High School student who battled brain tumor beats all odds, earns diploma

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