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Riverside, California 2021-06-19 17:25:14 –

The storm has now been downgraded to a tropical depression, followed by winds at 40 mph, centered around 75 mph northeast of New Orleans on Saturday morning.

New Orleans — Alabama officials say the alleged tornado caused by a tropical cyclone claudette at the time destroyed or severely damaged at least 50 homes in a small town just north of the Florida border. The claudette was then downgraded to a tropical cyclone.

Escambia County Sheriff Heath Jackson said the alleged tornado “almost leveled” the mobile home park, knocked down trees in the house, and stripped the roof of the high school gymnasium. Most of the damage occurred in or near the towns of Bruton and East Bruton, about 48 miles north of Pensacola, Florida.

“I influenced everyone,” Jackson said. “But these mobile homes are built very close together, so they can cost far more than homes in remote locations.”

There were no immediate reports of serious injury or death. A photo of the Brewton area shared on Facebook shows a fallen tree, including one that landed at home, and long debris that local press said it came from a badly damaged trailer park.

The damage caused by the storm was also felt in northern Florida, where winds (sometimes reaching 85 mph (137 kph)) rolled over 18-wheeled vehicles.

The National Hurricane Center declared a well-organized claudette to qualify as a named storm at 4 am on Saturday, well after the center of the storm cycle landed southwest of New Orleans. By Saturday afternoon, there was a continuous wind of 40 mph (65 kph) 80 mph (130 km) northwest of Mobile, Alabama. It was moving north-northeast at 14 miles per hour (22 km). Most of the stormy weather occurred far north and east of the center.

Early Saturday, the storm rained floods north of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, and along the Mississippi coast, flooding the streets and, in some areas, pushing water into homes. The storm then drenched Florida’s Salient and the vast expanse of Alabama, quite inland. The National Weather Service has warned of possible tornadoes in northern Florida and southern Alabama.

Inland Mississippi and Georgia also had heavy rains from the claudette. Despite the weakening storm, the National Hurricane Center has issued tropical cyclone surveillance on parts of the North Carolina coast. This can be affected by Sunday night. The storm was predicted to cross the Atlantic Ocean on Monday and regain the strength of tropical cyclones in the open ocean on Tuesday.

Florida-paced residents called 911 and reported a twister that could have torn the roofs of two homes and damaged at least three homes.

“No one was hurt,” said Sara Whitfield, a spokeswoman for Santa Rosa County, whose home in Florida was damaged. “Thank you for what happened after sunrise,” it wasn’t the night when people slept.

During a Saturday storm, an 18-wheeled vehicle struck several utility poles and fell to the side. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, debris from the accident, including a collapsed utility pole, turned into a projectile and collided with a passing SUV.

According to the accident report, a gust of 85 mph occurred in the area. Highway patrol officials were to close both lanes on the 10 interstate highway bridges between Escambia and Santa Rosa counties due to strong winds.

The county received two calls that a tree fell home, but no one was at home at the time.

The storm lost tens of thousands of people and some flights were canceled or delayed at Pensacola International Airport.

“We have a lot of visitors on vacation here,” she said. “There is no swimming at all because the red flag is popping out on the beach.”

According to forecasters, claudettes can rain 5 to 10 inches (12 to 25 centimeters) in the area, allowing 15 inches (38 centimeters) of isolated accumulation.

“A little squall is running. It rains really hard for a few minutes and sags for a few minutes,” said Glenn Brannan, Office for Emergency Management, Mobile County, Alabama, early Saturday.

Residents of Slidell, Louisiana, north of Lake Pontchartrain, reported that roads and water were flooded in some areas as the storm flooded land overnight. Slidel police said the floods had receded significantly by dawn after flooding as many as 50 cars and trucks.

Most people riding the storm still had electricity when they woke up on Saturday morning. The website poweroutage.us has reported a total of approximately 22,000 outages in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

The storm struck on weekends when many on the Gulf Coast planned to celebrate Juneteenth and Father’s Day.

From restaurant owners to swamp boat operators, business owners across the Gulf Coast expected a cash influx of tourists after a year of loss of revenue due to a coronavirus pandemic.

“My biggest concern is that it can drive away busy weekends and cause heavy rain,” said Austin Sumrall, owner and chef of the White Pillars Restaurant and Lounge in Biloxi, Mississippi, on Friday.

He made 170 reservations for his book on Sunday, but was worried that some patrons would cancel.

“Especially last year I saw rugs getting jerky from under you pretty quickly,” he said.

A month after the five-dead spring storm and flood, Louisiana was threatened, and parts of the state continued to slowly recover from the cruel hurricane season of 2020.

Separately, the tropical cyclone Dolores landed on the west coast of Mexico with forces close to a hurricane. The center of the storm was about 50 miles (75 km) southeast of Manzanillo, Mexico, a city with a population of about 160,000. Its maximum sustained winds were clocked at 70 mph (110 km) and traveled north-northwest at 13 mph (20 km).

Heavy rainfall of 6 to 10 inches (about 15 to 25 centimeters) was expected throughout the weekend in the southwestern and western coastal areas of Mexico. Forecasters warned of possible flash floods and landslides.

Bynum reported from Savannah, Georgia. The Associated Press correspondent Kelly Kennedy of Fort Lauderdale, Florida contributed to this report.

Tropical Storm Claudette brings rain and floods to Gulf Coast Source link Tropical Storm Claudette brings rain and floods to Gulf Coast

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