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Luciano Sesta and Mira Raman
Boston University News Service

Justin Trudeau continues his work as Canada 23rd The prime minister created a commons home after a sudden election Surprisingly similar To the last.Trudeau’s Liberal Party I will be in charge They will need to seek help from other political parties to legislate their agenda.

When all the vehicles were called, the Liberal Party won 158 seats and the Conservative Party, led by Erin O’Toole, won 119 seats. 34 seats will be assigned to the Quebec Nationalist Party Bloc Québécois, 25 seats will be assigned to the New Democratic Party, which is to the left of the Liberal Party, and 2 seats will be assigned to the Greens.

Overall, liberal Win 2 seats, The Conservatives lost two seats, Brock and NDP each lost one seat, and the Greens lost seats.

Lack of parliamentary change

The House of Commons will be reconvened on October 18th and will be organized in much the same way as before. Trudeau’s minority government needs to seek the support of other parties to advance its agenda.

He needs to build support among other parties to get him Election promise Through Congress, which includes a plan to build 1.4 million homes, we continued our efforts towards a $ 10 per day childcare plan and a plan for the net zero emissions oil and gas industry by 2050.

The overall power structure of Congress has not changed, but the four ministers (all women) Lost a seat Or it was not executed due to reelection.Their loss hits Trudeau Efforts for gender equality..

“Meaningless” elections

Many Canadian political analysts have pointed out that Monday’s election, which is estimated to cost more than $ 600 million, will create a government similar to that before the vote.

About 62% The number of Canadians who voted in this election is the turnout Lowest since 2008.. Very few people exercised democratic rights in elections that seemed to have caused further polarization at an unprecedented time, and many criticized the Trudeau government for calling for the election altogether.

One of the strongest criticisms of Trudeau’s elections comes from Saskatchewan’s prime minister, Scott Moe, who is known as the prime minister’s enemy.

“This was the most pointless election in Canadian history.” Moe told reporters.. “The prime minister has spent more than $ 600 million on you, the taxpayer’s dollar, and spent another five weeks splitting the country to reach the same results as he did at the House of Commons two months ago.”

Premier of Ontario Doug Ford provided a more hopeful tone.

“This is a very difficult and disruptive election and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage unity,” Ford said. statement..


At this point, the pattern seems to be emerging, but the future of the Canadian elections looks a bit uncertain. Canadians have maintained a consistent voting pattern in the region during the last two elections, with elections effectively winning in and around major cities.

Outur who won the party Most votes overallSpent a lot of him Concession speech Details how he will tackle the Liberal Party in the next election.

“I urged the Prime Minister to put the unity of the country and the well-being of the people first, and I think he could threaten Canadians in another election within 18 months. Then the Conservatives said they would be ready. And whenever that day comes, I’m ready to lead the Canadian conservatives to victory. Thank you, Canada, let’s get to work. “

Trudeau’s Snap Election Falls Short of Majority Government, Yields Low Voter Turnout – Boston University News Service Source link Trudeau’s Snap Election Falls Short of Majority Government, Yields Low Voter Turnout – Boston University News Service

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