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Washington (AP) — Donald Trump’s impeachment prosecutor said Wednesday a fatal parliamentary building aimed at overturning the election defeat of Joe Biden, not Trump’s “innocent bystander.” He said he would prove to be the “chief” of the attack.

Opening the first full day of the debate, the chief prosecutor promised to show evidence that the president encouraged the rally crowd to head to the Capitol, and then what to stop the violence. He said he watched the mob attack with “Glee”. An iconic building. Five people have died.

“To us, it might have felt like chaos and madness, but there was a way to madness that day,” said D-Md Rep. Jamie Raskin.

The proceedings of the day were unfolding after the trial began emotionally, as the former president made a winding defense on Tuesday and could not cancel the trial for constitutional reasons. Some allies have demanded yet another shake-up from his legal team.

Trump was the first president to face an impeachment trial after his resignation and was the first president to be impeached twice. The January 6 Parliamentary riot followed a rally that Trump urged supporters to “fight like hell,” his lawyer said was just a metaphor. He has been charged with “riot incitement.”

Senator, who fled for safety on the day of the attack, saw a graphic video of Trump supporters who fought past police to attack the hall on Tuesday, and the Trump flag was waving. More videos are planned for Wednesday, including videos you’ve never seen before.

Prosecutors argue that Mr. Trump’s words are not only free speech, but part of a “big lie” and his relentless effort to question the outcome of the election. They started long before the votes were counted, and although there was no evidence of substantive fraud, they evoked his followers to “stop stealing.”

Mr. Trump was well aware of what would happen almost at the time Congress conceded to prove Biden’s victory when he took Mike to the outdoor White House rally that day, said Joe Neguse of D-Colo. Neguse said.

“This wasn’t just a speech,” he said.

Trump’s supporters were prepared and armed and were ready to land on the Capitol, Negz said. “When they heard his speech, they understood his words.”

On Wednesday, the Capitol was very insecure, surrounded by razor wires and patroled by National Guard.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Biden had not seen the trial.

“Joe Biden is president. He’s not an expert. He’s not going to comment on the discussions before and after,” she said.

The difficulties facing Trump’s defense team were not the content of the proceedings against the former president, but unlike others, were first revealed when he was devoted to the process of trial.

The impeachment manager in the House explained police officers crippled by the turmoil and riots parading in the very room where the trial was taking place, so Trump’s team said the Constitution would not allow impeachment on this late date. I argued.

The Senate rejected the argument in a vote to proceed to Tuesday’s trial, but Senate Republicans aspiring to acquit Trump without being considered legal issues tolerating his actions May resonate with.

Defendant lawyer Bruce Castor changed the planned approach after hearing the prosecutor’s emotional opening on Tuesday, instead causing Trump’s team to blame the “disgusting” attack and “possible.” I blame the mob in the most powerful way possible, “he said in a statement to the Senator. He urged Senators to be “calm” in assessing the discussion.

Trump’s lawyer Shane turned the trial into a very partisan tone, claiming that Democrats were fueled by the “basic hatred” of the former president.

Frustrated Trump on Tuesday revived his request to focus on his unsupported fraud allegations and told the Associated Press in an interview he agreed with former White House aide Peter Navarro. I made a phone call repeatedly. He is calling on Trump to dismiss his legal team.

“If he doesn’t make any mid-term corrections here, he’ll lose this Super Bowl,” Navarro said in a public opinion reference, not the unlikely possibility of conviction.

Republicans have revealed dissatisfaction with Trump’s defense, saying many of them don’t understand where Trump is heading, especially the opening of the casters.

Six Republicans voted to join the Democratic Party and proceed with the trial, but 56-44 votes were far from the two-thirds threshold of the 67 votes required for conviction.

As the country becomes paralyzed by the collapse of Trump-era civil norms, prosecutors try to remind senators and the country how extraordinary it is for the incumbent US president to work to undermine the credibility of elections. did.

In hundreds of tweets, remarks, and interviews dating back to spring and summer, they said Trump had spread false claims about the election and refused to promise a change of power after the change of power.

Violence in the state increased in the weeks and months before Trump’s supporters marched to the Capitol, so he could have been told to confront them. But he didn’t.

The mob “did not come out of the thin air,” said the person in charge. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas.

The public scene of the attack was distilled in very personal terms, his family was hiding in the Capitol that day when Ruskin first collapsed in tears on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Negz, the son of an immigrant, remembered telling his father how proud he was to return to Congress that night to finish his job of proving the election. As a Democrat in Texas, Castro said he knew how difficult it was to lose the election.

They also shared Parliamentary police comments, including a black police officer who explained the racial adjectives thrown at him by the mob.

“That’s the question before you in this trial, is this America?” Ruskin told Senator.

It seems unlikely that a House prosecutor would call a witness, and Trump refused to request testimony. The trial is expected to continue until the weekend.

Trump’s second impeachment trial is expected to be different from the long and complex case a year ago. In that case, Trump was charged with personally pressured Ukraine to dig the soil of President Biden’s rival, Biden. It can be done in half the time.

The Democratic-led house quickly impeached the president a week after the attack. Police officers in the Capitol were among those who died.

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