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Denver, Colorado 2020-12-11 12:24:02 –

Terre Haute, Indiana — The Trump administration killed a Louisiana truck driver who abused his two-year-old daughter for weeks in 2002, and then accused her of a series of unprecedented post-elections on Friday. We plan to continue federal enforcement. Her head against the truck window and dashboard.

A 56-year-old Alfred Bourgeois lawyer said he had an IQ that fell into the category of people with intellectual disabilities, claiming he should not have been sentenced to death under federal law.

The bourgeoisie will be the tenth federal convict on death row since federal executions resumed under President Donald Trump in July after a 17-year hiatus. He will be the second person to be executed this week in a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. Three more executions are planned for January.

The series of executions since the first election day in late November is the first in more than 130 years of federal executions during the lame duck.

Bourjois lawyers say Republican president is rushing to execute before Democrat Joe Biden, the enemy of the death penalty on January 20, gives his clients his legal options. He claims to have deprived him of the right to run out.

Several courts of appeal have concluded that neither evidence of intellectual disability nor criminal law supports the claims made by the bourgeois legal team.

On Thursday, Brandon Bernard was sentenced to death for murdering a religious couple from Iowa in 1999 after kidnapping and robbing Todd and Stacy Bagley in Texas. Bernard, who was 18 at the time of the murder, was a rare execution of a person who was his teenager when his crime was committed.

Several celebrities, including reality show star Kim Kardashian West, have sentenced Trump to life imprisonment for Bernard, citing Bernard’s youth at the time and his many years of remorse.

In the case of the bourgeoisie, the crime stands out as particularly brutal, as it involved his young daughter.

According to court filings, he obtained temporary custody of the child, referred to only as “JG” in court documents, after a 2002 father’s proceeding from a Texas woman. The bourgeois lived in Louisiana at the time with his wife and two children.

The following month, the bourgeois swelled as she whisked the girl with an electric cord, burned her legs with a lighter, and slammed her head with a plastic baseball bat. After that, she refused to seek her treatment. Say. The prosecutor also said he had sexually abused her.

Her potty training allegedly infuriated the bourgeoisie, who sometimes put her to sleep in the potty training toilet.

When he took the toddler, it was a truck drive to Corpus Christi, Texas that killed her. Again angry with her potty training, he grabbed her shoulders in the truck and slammed her head into the windows and dashboard four times, court documents said. She died the next day at a brain injury hospital.

After being convicted in a federal court in southern Texas in 2004, the judge denied allegations due to his alleged intellectual disability and stated that he had not been diagnosed until he was sentenced to death. It was.

“Up to that point, the bourgeoisie was, broadly speaking, living a life without significant intellectual disability,” the court said.

Attorneys argued that such findings resulted from misunderstandings about disability. They tested the bourgeois to demonstrate that his IQ was about 70, well below average, and said his childhood history strengthened his claim of disability.

When Bernard lay down on a stretcher before being lethal on Thursday night, he spoke surprisingly calmly for someone who knew he was dying, to the family of the couple who played the role of the murder. I turned to the last word.

Trump administration plans second execution in as many days Source link Trump administration plans second execution in as many days

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