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Richard Lardner and Michelle R. Smith

Washington (AP) — A review of the Associated Press records shows that members of President Donald Trump’s failed presidential campaign are important in organizing the Washington rally that caused the deadly assault on the US Capitol. Played a role. Grassroots supporter.

A Trump-backed non-profit organization called Women for America First hosted “Save America Rally” on January 6th in Ellipse, an oval federal-owned land near the White House. However, the attachment to the National Park Service’s rally permit granted to the group includes more than six people in staff positions at the event, which was paid thousands of dollars just a few weeks ago by Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. People are listed. Other staff members who will be “on-site” during the demonstration are closely associated with the White House.

Since the siege, some of them have scrambled to stay away from the rally.

The riots in the Capitol caused by Trump’s comments before and during his speech on the Ellipse led to unprecedented calculations in American history. The president told the crowd to march to the Capitol, and “You will never regain our country with weaknesses. You must show strength, and you You have to be strong. “

A week after the rally, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives and became the first US president to be impeached twice. However, political and legal implications could extend far beyond Trump leaving the White House on Wednesday before Democrat Joe Biden swears in office. Trump has refused to accept his defeat in the 2020 elections to the former Vice President for nearly two months.

Women for America First, who applied for and received a park service permit, did not respond to a request for comment on how the event was funded and how the Trump campaign was involved. Tens of thousands of people gathered at the rally.

In a statement, the president’s reelection campaign “did not organize, run, or fund the event.” According to the statement, campaign staff were not involved in the organization and operation of the rally. “They didn’t participate at the direction of the Trump campaign,” he said, when former employees of the campaign or independent contractors participated.

At least one person was participating in the Trump campaign this month. Megan Powers was listed as one of the two operations managers for the January 6th event, and according to his LinkedIn profile, she was the operations director for the Trump campaign until January 2021. She did not respond to the message asking for comment.

An AP review found that at least three of the Trump campaign aides listed on the permit were in a hurry to obscure the connection with the demonstration. They deactivated or locked down their social media profiles and deleted tweets that referenced the rally. The three blocked the reporter who asked the question.

Veteran Republican fundraiser Caroline Len has been named as a “VIP Advisor” in the permit attachment file provided by Women for America First to her agency. From mid-March to mid-November, presidential election Donald J. Trump paid Len $ 20,000 a month, according to Federal Election Commission records. During the campaign, she was a national financial consultant for Trump Victory, a joint funding committee for the Presidential Re-election Campaign and the Republican National Committee.

According to Kimberly Fletcher, president of one of those groups, Moms for America, Len attended at least one phone call before the pro trample rally, and members of several groups listed as rally participants participated in the VIP. Organized the qualification information of the person.

Len retweeted messages about the event in advance, but Google’s cache of her account shows that at least eight of those tweets have disappeared from her timeline. She apparently deleted herself and others were sent from Twitter’s suspended account.

One of Len’s retweet messages came from another group, Stop the Steal, who was identified as a rally participant on a website promoting the event. The January 2 message thanked Republican senators who said they would vote to overturn Biden’s election victory, such as Josh Hawley in Missouri and Ted Cruz in Texas. She also received a January 1 message from the president promoting the event, and from Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons, and Katrina Pierson, a tea party activist and spokesperson for Trump’s 2016 presidential election. Retweet the promotional message.

Len didn’t return a request for comment and locked his Twitter account after AP asked about his involvement in Trump’s rally and deleted tweets last Monday. A few days later she blocked the AP reporter.

Former Trump aide Mick Mulvaney’s niece Maggie Mulvaney is listed as a “VIP lead” in the permit attachment. According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked as chief financial officer for the Trump campaign. According to FEC records, Maggie Malverny earns $ 5,000 every two weeks from Trump’s reelection campaign, with the latest payments reported on November 13.

Maggie Mulvaney had deleted her Twitter account as of last Monday, but reappeared after an AP reporter asked her about deleting her account. On the same Sunday when the AP published this report, she blocked the AP reporter on Twitter.

Maggie Mulvaney retweeted some messages on January 6th. It also includes a message from the President urging support for the Parliamentary Police. Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended, but messages may appear in the cache of her Twitter account captured by Google. She also retweeted a message from her uncle and urged Trump to deal with the country.

Maggie Mulvaney did not respond to a request for comment.

Due to the riots in the Houses of Parliament, Mick Mulvaney has resigned from Trump’s position as Northern Ireland Special Envoy. He told CNBC the day after the assault that he would urge people to say, “Oh, you’re working for a man who tried to overtake the government,” saying he was still in the post.

Women for America First leaders are not new to politics.

Amy Kremer, who is listed as the group’s president in a record submitted to the Virginia State Legal Commission, is “one of the founders of the modern Tea Party movement,” according to her website. According to records, her daughter, Kylie Jane Clemmer, is the treasurer of the organization.

The IRS granted the Women for America First tax exemption status as a social welfare organization a year ago. Tax exemption dates back to February 2019. The AP requested that the group provide tax records that it may have submitted since then, but did not respond.

In a statement issued the same day the riots attacked the Capitol, Amy Kremer blamed the riots, appearing to blame the Democrats and the press for the riots, but after the rally, “a handful of villains. Was instigated by.

“Unfortunately, for months, the left and the mainstream media have told Americans that violence is an acceptable political tool,” she said. “They were wrong. Not.”

AP faces more than 120 social media posts, voter registrations, court files, and other public records facing criminal accusations related to the January 6 mayhem or becoming maskless during a pandemic I reviewed. Proximity.

According to reviews, the crowd has long supported Trump, including Republican officials, GOP political donors, far-right extremists, white supremacists, off-duty police, military members, and government supporters of QAnon’s mythology. It was overwhelmingly composed of people. It is secretly controlled by a pedophile cannibal conspiracy who worships the devil.

Videos posted on social media in the days following the Capitol attack show that thousands of people have attacked the Capitol. Police officers in the Parliament were killed by being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher after a riot hit the building and injured many other police officers. A California woman was shot dead by police in the Capitol, and three others were killed in the midst of turmoil after emergency measures.

Trump’s incendiary remarks at the January 6 rally were a series of two days in Washington organized by a coalition of presidential supporters who repeated his groundless accusations that the election was stolen from him. You have reached the top of the event. The website MarchtoSaveAmerica.com was launched to promote a Trump-backed event and warned followers that they would “protest at the US Capitol at 1:00 pm.” The website has been deactivated.

Another website, TrumpMarch.com, shows a fisted playing card on the front of a red, white, and blue tour bus adorned with the words “Powered by Women for America First.” The logo of the bedding company “My Pillow” also stands out. Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, is an avid Trump supporter who falsely claims that Trump did not lose the election to Biden and will serve another four-year term as president.

“To demand transparency and protect the integrity of elections,” the web page reads. Details of the “DC PROTEST” will be announced shortly, including a series of bus stops from December 27th to January 6th where Trump supporters can “join the caravan or show your support”. I am.

Kimberly Fletcher, president of Moms for America, said he was unaware that the Trump campaign was involved in the elliptical rally until around New Year’s Day. She wasn’t directly involved in the campaign, but Fletcher noticed that who attended the rally and who spoke changed.

“When I got there and saw the size of the stage and everything, I thought,’Wow, I couldn’t afford it,'” she said. “It was a big stage. It was a very professional stage. I don’t know who was in the background or who put it together.”

In addition to the big stage, the Ellipse rally featured a sophisticated sound system and at least three jumbotron-style screens that projected the president’s image onto the crowd. A video posted online shows Trump and his family watching the rally on several monitors in a nearby private tent, with music ringing in the background.

According to Fletcher, Moms for America held a more modest “Save the Republic” rally near the US Capitol on January 5th. The event was attended by about 500 people and cost between $ 13,000 and $ 14,000.

Justin Caporale is listed in the Women for America First document as a project manager for the event. He is a management and production company, Event Strategies Inc. Has been identified as a partner of. Formerly the First Lady’s top aide to Melania Trump, Caporale participated in the Trump campaign payroll for most of 2020, with recent payments of $ 7,500 every two weeks, according to FEC records. It was broken. Capolare did not respond to requests for comment.

According to the permit documents, Tim Unes, the founder and president of Event Strategies, was the “stage manager” for the January 6 rally. Younes has a long-standing relationship with Trump, who emphasizes on his company’s website. According to election funding records, Trump’s presidential campaign paid $ 1.3 million for an event strategy for “audiovisual services” in 2020. The company refused to comment on the story.

According to the permit documents, another person closely related to the Trump administration, Hannah Salem, was the “logistics and communications operations manager” at the rally. According to her company background and LinkedIn profile, in 2017 she took a leave of absence from the consulting firm she founded and spent three years as a senior spokesman for the White House, “executing the media strategy of President Trump’s most notable event. “Did.

Within minutes of last week sending her a LinkedIn message asking about her involvement and understanding of what happened on January 6, Salem blocked the reporter and didn’t answer the question.


Smith reported from Providence, Rhode Island.


New York Associated Press researcher Rhonda Shafner and Associated Press writer Zeke Miller contributed to this report.

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