Trump appointee Federico Klein offered plea deal in Capitol riot – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-06-10 12:21:23 –

Klein has been accused of instigating a mob and using a riot shield to attack police inside a tunnel in the Capitol.

Washington — The Justice Department has offered a plea bargain to a former President Donald Trump’s State Department appointed accused of a parliamentary riot, a government lawyer said Thursday.

At a hearing at Federico Klein, a federal prosecutor said Klein and his lawyer Stanley Woodward had not yet responded to the government’s plea bargain offer.

Klein, the first Trump appointed person to be charged in this case, faces six charges, including allegations of attacking police officers with a police riot shield. He has also been accused of inciting a mob in a tunnel in the Capitol, shouting “… we need fresh people …” as part of the first wave of combatants.

Klein resigned from the State Department two weeks after the riot and was arrested in March after many witnesses, including a former State Department colleague, saw his picture on an FBI wanted poster and handed him over. ..

So far, only two defendants have pleaded guilty. John Schaffer, Founding Member of the Oath Keepers Militia GroupA Florida man, Paul Hodgkins, took a selfie in the Senate on January 6th. But on Thursday, Klein’s lawyer did not show that his client was in a hurry to be convicted of a third plea.

Instead, Woodward claimed that the government was not fulfilling its obligations to his clients by handing over a large “flock” of video of the incident – ​​any footage that might be in his favor to Woodward. I also left the identification. Woodward argued that the government had a duty under Brady’s rules and that prosecutors needed to provide evidence to help show that the defendant was not guilty, and simply handing over all the footage collected. Claimed to be inadequate.

Given the available video evidence against Klein (which seems to indicate that he is trying to push the police line back using the police riot shield inside the Capitol tunnel), John D. of the DC District Court. Judge Bates said Woodward had a “difficult battle” before him.

Bates was also asked to limit Klein’s pretrial release to home imprisonment after allegedly violating the terms of his release on May 29. Information about the breach was sealed and submitted, but in connection with the breach, Bates showed that Klein had consumed alcohol and was unable to return to his home during the curfew.

“What seems to have happened is that Mr. Klein has done something completely inconsistent with his situation,” Bates said. “He committed a breach, and it is a serious breach because it put himself in a position where he himself did not comply with the conditions he requested.”

Bates found in April that he “clearly ignores the security of others and the country” and “shows his willingness to use his power to advance his personal beliefs.” Made a controversial decision to allow Klein to be released before the trial. Klein’s pretrial release conditions included house arrest and GPS surveillance, but not a ban on drinking.

Bates rejected the request to change these terms on Thursday, but warned Klein that this was likely his only second chance.

“I’m worried that if I have to deal with this situation again, the results will be different for you,” Bates said.

Bates set up a new hearing for Klein on July 13th at 11:30 am. By then, he hoped to see a “clearer picture” of whether judicial transactions would take place, and said the government needed to make further progress. Resolve the discovery.

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Trump appointee Federico Klein offered plea deal in Capitol riot Source link Trump appointee Federico Klein offered plea deal in Capitol riot

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