Trump approves to share presidential information briefing with Biden

President Trump allows President Biden to begin receiving the President’s Daily Brief, a confidential information report by the Secretary of State for Information, two U.S. officials, and well-known sources identified in CBS News. I agreed. Mr. Trump’s decision will come after the federal agency overseeing the presidential transition officially begins the process on Monday night.

Biden received a low-level intelligence briefing as a candidate, but ODNI was unable to start offering him briefs. General Procurement Bureau He sent a “confirmation” letter confirming that Mr. Biden had won the election. After a few weeks delay, GSA administrator Emily Murphy I wrote a letter on mondayFrees up the funds and resources for use by the Biden migration team and allows the next government officer to meet with current agency staff.

“Following the statutory instructions of the Presidential Transition Act, ODNI will provide the transition team with the required support,” a spokesman for the agency told CBS News. “This afternoon, the White House approved ODNI to promote the PDB as part of its support for the transition.”

An ODNI official told CBS News that Biden’s review team would be on-site on Monday to meet with staff. Migration support from an agency may include providing an overview of the operations associated with the agency and providing an intelligence briefing.Mr. Biden Named Avril Haynes, Former CIA Deputy Secretary and Former National Security Deputy Secretary, was elected Director of National Intelligence. This makes her the first woman to play that role.

Mr. Trump does not allow elections, but his decision to allow Mr. Biden to receive a brief signal that he will not continue to interfere with the formal transition process. The presidential campaign has launched several proceedings in multiple states that challenge the election results, but most of these proceedings have been unsuccessful.A small but increasing number of Republicans Encourage Mr. Trump to accept the results..

Biden continued his migration plan without GSA approval, but shortening the formal migration period poses a potential security risk. The 9/11 Commission report found that the shortening of the post-election transition process in 2000 contributed to the country’s lack of preparedness for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

In a statement earlier this month, an ODNI spokesman said the agency would not act until the GSA took action.

“ODNI follows the statutory instructions set out in the Presidential Transition Act. This requires the GSA administrator to confirm the candidate before supporting the possibility of a presidential transition. ODNI We will not contact the migration team until the administrator notifies us, “said a spokeswoman.

Trump approves to share presidential information briefing with Biden

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