Trump attacks media and Mark Milley in a swearing Mar-a-Lago speech | Donald Trump

In a comment to someone who dine at his Marago Resort in Florida on Saturday night, Donald Trump The American media was called a “bent bastard,” and General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was called a “fucking idiot.”

A winding and nasty speech to a young conservative group, Turning Point USA Streaming By right-wing blogger and provocative Jack Posobiek.

Insults to the press have “fake news” and “fake news” for reporters and editors while Trump is in power.People’s enemiesIt attacks many of the media that are considered dangerous and leads to political violence.

“The country is in a very important and dangerous place,” Trump said, in a well-known lie about his defeat in the 2020 elections, he said, as a result of election fraud. increase.

“We don’t have a press. The press is very corrupt. There is no press. If you have a good story about us, Republican, Conservatives, they make it a bad story. And if it’s a bad story, they make it the worst story in history. It is the most dishonest group of people. “

Mr. Trump argued that he changed his view of the American press: “When I first announced that I was running in 2015, their approval rate was 94% -95%, and now they are. It has a lower approval rate than Congress.

“I think it’s a great honor because they are a group of very dishonest and crooked guys.”

The remark made a laugh.

Like most of Trump’s claims, his claims regarding media approval assessments can be discussed.

2015, the year Trump ran for the White House, Gallup Forty percent of Americans said they “have” considerable “or” significant amount “trust and confidence in the mass media to report the news completely, accurately and fairly.” rice field.

In the middle of President Trump in 2019, Suzanne Nossel, PEN America’s CEO said his attack on the press was “insidious” and “was aimed at threatening … a kind of mud-dragging effort, character assassination … and that’s alarming.” I told the Guardian.

2021, the year Trump resigned from Gallup Said Twenty-one percent of Americans were “quite” or “quite” confident in the newspaper. For TV news, this number was 16%. In the case of Congress, that was 12%.

Trump insulted Millie as part of a long complaint about Joe Biden’s handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump, impersonating the general’s gravel-like voice, said: It’s cheaper to leave the equipment than to bring it. “

Mr. Trump asked: “Do you think it’s cheaper to leave it there than to fill it with half a tank of gas and fly it to Pakistan or our country?

“Yes, Sensei, we think it’s cheap, Sensei.”

“At that time, I realized he was an idiot.”

Trump regularly complains about Millie, especially about his portrayal as a key figure in best-selling books. Efforts to contain playing cards At the end of his time of power.

The tendency of Trump’s oath is well known, as prompted by his four-year presidency. Self-discovery Among some US media where words can be printed properly.

Guardian had for a long time Some such crumples..

Trump attacks media and Mark Milley in a swearing Mar-a-Lago speech | Donald Trump

Source link Trump attacks media and Mark Milley in a swearing Mar-a-Lago speech | Donald Trump

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