Trump attends Republican Spring Donor Retreat

Former President Donald Trump will attend the Republican National Committee’s Spring Donor Retreat in Florida this April, according to an invitation received by Situation-savvy Republicans and CBS News.

Mr. Trump’s planned appearance at a rally with top GOP donors was first reported Politico.. CBS News will be released by RNC in January Will be invited Former president of the event.

The retreat offers candidates for 2024 the possibility to insist on the donors of well-funded political parties. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, Florida Senator Rick Scott, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, South Dakota Governor Christie Noem, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will also be present, according to the invitation. is.

The appearance of the former president appears when Republican leaders discuss what his role should be in the party’s future.

Republican National Committee Chairman Rona McDaniel is scheduled to meet Mr. Trump this week, sources confirmed by CBS News. She is one of his allies, Unanimously re-elected January RNC chair. McDaniel promised to remain neutral in the 2024 primary, Associated Press In January, she hopes the former president will support Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections.

Senate recently Acquittal Mr. Trump instigated the January 6 riots at the Capitol in the second impeachment trial. State and local Republicans have accused some of the Senate Republicans who voted for Mr. Trump’s conviction.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said he voted for Mr. Trump’s acquittal because he believed it was unconstitutional to convict the former president. After the trial, McConnell gave a scorching speech on the Senate floor, stating that the former president was “morally and substantially responsible” for the riots.

Mr. Trump counterattacked McConnell in a statement a few days later, calling the minority leader “a moody, moody, unsmiling political hack.” He promised to support primaries in support of his political agenda “when necessary and appropriate.”

Some Republican factions Find a way to move beyond Mr. TrumpOpinion polls conducted after the January 6 Capitol attack show that the former president still has a strong support base within the Republican Party.

these days CBS News Poll It turns out that 73% of Republicans said it was very or somewhat important for Republicans to show loyalty to Mr. Trump.Politico / Morning Consult Voting After the impeachment trial, 81% of Republicans found that he had approved Mr. Trump. Economist / YouGov Voting Forty-eight percent of Republicans announced this week have been found not to vote for Congress or governor candidates who criticize Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump will give his first speech since he resigned on Sunday at the conservative political conference CPAC. One source told CBS News that the former president is expected to discuss the future of the Republican Party and could attack some of Biden’s policies.

The former president’s hold on the Republican Party was clear when CBS News received a response from Only 5 out of 50 GOP Senator finally talks about whether he agrees with Mr. Trump’s claim that he has won repeated elections, and whether he supports Senator Mitch McConnell as a Republican minority leader.

Since he resigned, some of the top Republicans have traveled to Florida or talked to the former president. The top two Republicans from the House of Representatives visited him at a resort in Mar-a-Lago. Senator Rick Scott, the chairman of the Senate Republican campaign division, told reporters Tuesday that he also spoke with Mr. Trump about his efforts in the midterm elections.

“I told him I wanted to win in 22 years. I said I was going to be very specific about where I thought he would be useful. He can decide if he wants to do that,” Scott said. .. ..

Weijia Jiang and Alan He contributed to this report.

Trump attends Republican Spring Donor Retreat

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