Trump campaign raises much less in September than Biden team

Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $ 248 million in September. That’s well below the $ 383 million reported by Joe Biden and the Democrats in the same month.

Tim Martau, communications director for the presidential reelection campaign, said on Twitter late Thursday night that Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $ 247.8 million in September to raise $ 251.4 million in cash. He said he had it at hand. Mr Biden and the Democratic National Committee ended in September with a $ 432 million investment in banks.

Mr. Matau said: “President Trump has reached the final stage with the strength, resources, records, and huge ground games needed to spread the message and secure re-election.”

But funding figures released within an hour after the president closed the combative city hall broadcast on NBC highlight the challenges he faced in less than three weeks before the election day. I am.

According to the Financial Times analysis of Real Clear Politics data, Trump is currently chasing Biden by 9.5 points in a national poll. He is also lagging behind in some of the fierce battle states that are key to winning the Electoral College.

Political analysts lacked time for the president to persuade swing voters, especially given the number of Americans who are likely to vote before election day, due to concerns about the safety of direct voting during a pandemic. I warn you that there is.

At least 18.6 million Americans vote early, either directly or by mail, according to the US Elections Project, a database edited by Professor Michael McDonald of the University of Florida.

On Wednesday, the Biden campaign reported that it and the Democratic National Committee raised $ 383 million in September. That’s more than the $ 364.5 million campaign set in August.

The strong funding from the Biden campaign was underpinned by his decision to choose Kamala Harris as his running mate in August. In September, Biden’s campaign saw a surge in donations after the death of Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

After the former Vice President and Mr. Trump confronted in the first presidential debate, there was another surge, which fell into an ugly sight.

Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Mary Dillon, said $ 203 million of the campaign’s September deliveries came from online donors, with 1.1 million donating to the final moth campaign. Said.

The Trump campaign has spent much of the last three years building a grassroots network for 2016 and preparing for the presidential reelection campaign.

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However, over the last six months, its significant cash advantage over the Biden campaign has steadily declined. It enjoyed a $ 72 million lead over the Biden campaign at the end of the first quarter, but ended up with a $ 180 million deficit at the end of the third quarter.

Next week, both campaigns will release a full Federal Election Commission report for September and the third quarter. It provides details about the money they have collected and how they have spent it.

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