Trump Coronavirus Vaccine Chief was “no contact” with the Biden migration team

Dr. Monsef Slawi, Chief Advisor of Operation Warpspeed, has “no contact” with the upcoming Biden administration regarding the transition process and vaccine distribution program.

Since president-elect Joe Biden won the election, President Donald Trump has refused to admit, and his campaign has challenged the outcome of the election in court.

Despite the lack of communication with the upcoming Biden administration, Slawi said he “cannot see” the transition affecting vaccine distribution.

“We focus on ensuring that vaccines are available as soon as possible and distributed as efficiently as possible, regardless of the political situation around us. Of course, the transition is quiet and smooth. I hope that, “Slawi said. ABC. “We’re concerned about everything that can upset the process. At the moment I don’t know it’s happening, but hopefully it won’t.”

When asked if he was ready to talk to the Biden administration, Mr. Slawi said he was “willing” to share information that had already been published, but there is no secret.

“I was informed that no one should tell secrets, including those who are not part of the administration,” Slawi told NBC’s Meet the Press. “We will act in accordance with legal requirements.” Sunday.

CNBC is asking the White House for comment.

Two weeks after Biden won the election, the General Procurement Department has not yet officially confirmed the presidential election. This will prevent the next administration from accessing key resources and information. There are “clear consequences” to this, and Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain told ABC that “these impacts are escalating daily.”

“The presidential and vice presidential elections have not received the intelligence briefings they are eligible to receive. Our transition does not have access to government officials to assist in the development of our plans, and that There is a lot of focus on the vaccine deployment program. In the early days of President Byden, this will be very important. We do not have access to it. “

Slawi added that Operation Warpspeed was “isolated from the administration, political environment and political context,” and that “therefore, all decisions are made.” [and] Even if the train is running [it’s] There is no difference between the two administrations. “

This was after Pfizer and BioNTech applied for an emergency license for the coronavirus vaccine from the Food and Drug Administration on Friday. The approval process is expected to take several weeks and the advisory board will consider a vaccine tentatively scheduled for early December.

The company also plans to apply for an emergency license on Monday with preliminary Phase 3 study data showing that the vaccine is more than 94% effective in preventing Covid-19.

Once the emergency license for the coronavirus vaccine is approved, the dose will be distributed nationwide within 24 hours, Slawi told Meet the Press on Sunday.

“Within 24 hours of approval, the vaccine will be transferred and placed in the area where each state would have told us that they wanted a dose of the vaccine,” Slawi said. “Vaccine doses cannot be transferred prior to an emergency license.”

The Ministry of Health of each state decides where to vaccinate, and with the help of the Immunization Implementation Advisory Board (ACIP) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each state decides who to vaccinate first. To do. According to Slawi.

Vaccines are likely to be given “priority”, Slawi said, “it’s probably [those that are] Healthcare workers, front-line workers, very high-risk individuals, the elderly. “

“Probably the second day after approval, on December 11th or 12th, we expect the first people to be vaccinated throughout the United States, in all states, and in areas reported by the State Department of Health. “. Told to CNN on Sunday.

Trump Coronavirus Vaccine Chief was “no contact” with the Biden migration team

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