Trump denies his loss and raises $ 170 million looking to the future

According to one, President Trump has funded his fruitless attempts to overturn the election since the election day and actively solicited donations in hype that instilled post-presidential political ambitions. As he continues, he has raised about $ 170 million and is familiar with the issue.

Much of the money collected arrived in the first week after the election as Mr. Trump made false allegations about fraud and sought to undermine public confidence in the legitimacy of president-elect Joseph R. Biden. .. Junior victory.

Instead of slowing down after the election, Mr. Trump’s campaign surged the volume of cash-seeking email solicitations and told supporters that the Election Defense Fund needed money.

In fact, the fine print shows that the first 75% of all donations are currently being sent to Mr. Trump’s new political action committee in mid-November. It can be used to fund future political activities. Travel with staff. The remaining 25% of each donation goes to the Republican National Committee.

Donors must donate $ 5,000 to Mr. Trump’s new PAC before the funds are sent to his recount account.

Still, the Trump campaign continues to demand cash urgently. On Monday, Mr. Trump signed a campaign email breathtakingly telling supporters that the end of November, almost four weeks after the election date, is “the most important deadline ever.”

The Washington Post reported on Monday that Mr. Trump’s post-election efforts have raised more than $ 150 million. Tim Marteau, a spokesman for Mr. Trump’s campaign, declined to comment on the funding.

The $ 170 million figure raised in less than four weeks is a huge amount comparable to the amount brought in at the peak of the campaign. The breakdown of the money wasn’t immediately clear, but the Flood of Donations seems to have paid off the debt of the rest of the Trump campaign (in the first few days after the election, the fine print is for the purpose of donations. Showed that it was assigned). This money could also give Mr. Trump a significant financially favorable start in paying for post-presidential political activity.

Despite the influx of cash, both the Trump campaign and RNC have reduced the size of their staff since the election.

In October, Mr. Trump’s campaign automatically checked the checkboxes on the website, with more donors making additional weekly donations from their accounts until December 14, the day the electors vote. I tried to generate a source of income after the election. Donors can opt out with an additional click, but critics have called the tactics misleading.

Mr. Trump’s team has set up a political action committee, known as the Leadership PAC, to capture the inflow of funds after the election, in part, according to people familiar with the matter.

Currently, donors on Mr. Trump’s website are opt-in with pre-checked boxes to make monthly donations.

Rob Flaherty, Biden’s digital director, Said on twitter The huge amount Trump has collected since the election was “ordinary and simple.”

On Monday, Biden’s victory as two major battlefields turned inside out this year, Arizona and Wisconsin, proved election results and Trump and his allies continued to complain without evidence of fraud. Was formalized.

Trump denies his loss and raises $ 170 million looking to the future

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