Trump does not accept Biden’s victory and plans to vie for results – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2020-11-07 12:21:20 –

In a statement, President Donald Trump said he would challenge President Joe Biden’s victory and added that he would not accept the results of last Tuesday’s elections.

The Associated Press predicted that Biden would win Pennsylvania on Saturday morning. Biden leads Pennsylvania with more than 34,000 votes, leaving a small number of votes.

The Associated Press was also called Nevada shortly after Pennsylvania was called. So even if Biden couldn’t beat Pennsylvania, he would reach the votes of the 270 Electoral College.

Mr. Trump says he will fight the results, even though there are few votes left to lead 0.5% in Pennsylvania and Biden.

“Everyone knows why Joe Biden is in a hurry to pretend to be the winner and why his media allies are working hard to help him. They know the truth is revealed. I don’t want it. The simple fact is that this election isn’t over yet, “the Trump campaign said in a statement. “Joe Biden has a highly contested state towards forced recount, or a valid and legitimate legal challenge that our campaign may determine the ultimate winner. Not to mention the state in which it is not recognized as the winner of any state. “

The rest of the ballots are provisional ballots, and the mailed ballots remain. The final certification of the elections in Pennsylvania will take place on November 23.

The Trump campaign claimed to have received inappropriate access to surveillance counts in Philadelphia. Earlier this week, the Trump campaign won a proceeding allowing it to stand up from a 6-foot voting counter instead of 20 feet.

“From Monday, our campaign will begin to prosecute our proceedings in court to ensure that election law is fully upheld and legitimate winners are seated. Americans are honest elections. You are entitled to, which means that you count all legitimate votes and not illegal votes. This is the only way to ensure that the public has full confidence in our elections. “.

For days, Trump claimed that the elections were stolen, despite no evidence of widespread miscalculations or fraud. For months, Trump questioned the mail voting process. In many states, such as Pennsylvania, his supporters listened by voting directly rather than by mail.

In Pennsylvania, Trump won the election day vote by a 2: 1 difference, but fell short of the mail vote by a 3: 1 difference.

“There are generally a huge amount of proceedings in general because of how unfair the process was,” Trump said earlier this week. “And I predicted that. I’ve been talking about voting by mail for a long time. That’s uh, it really destroyed our system. It’s a corrupt system, even if it’s supposed to be. It corrupts people without it, but they do. “

Pennsylvania law did not allow the Election Commission to count mail votes until Tuesday. Voting by mail usually takes a long time to aggregate. Therefore, the results were aggregated throughout the week. In addition to the contrasting voting habits of Biden and Trump’s supporters, the time it takes to count votes by mail has eliminated Trump’s former monumental lead.

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