Trump faces pressure from Republicans to stop “corrosive” fights to overturn elections | 2020 US elections

Donald Trump faces rising Republican pressure on Sunday, victor Joe Biden prepares to begin naming the Cabinet, and a Pennsylvania judge calls Trump’s proceeding a “Frankenstein monster.” For comparison, we stopped the last chaotic battle to overturn the US presidential election.

Despite Washington’s Republican leader behind the president’s allegations that the November 3 election was stolen from him by a national fraudulent vote, including two of his former national security advisers Other prominent figures are dull.

Former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton said Biden would swear in January, adding that “the real question is how much damage Trump can do before it happens.” It was.

The president’s efforts were primarily aimed at dispelling turmoil and turmoil, he told CNN’s State of the Union show as a demonstration of “biopolitical power” rather than genuine legal enforcement. It was.

Bolton said the Trump campaign has so far lost all but two of its more than 30 legal issues in various states.

“Currently, Trump is throwing rocks through the windows. He’s politically a street mob,” Bolton said.

Another former Trump administration’s national security adviser, HR McMaster, told CBS’s Face the Nation that Trump’s efforts were “very corrosive,” and his actions questioned voters. I warned that I was throwing.

“It’s in the hands of our enemies,” he said, for example, as long as many Americans doubt the outcome, Russia warns “I don’t care who wins” and calls for democracy in the United States. Weakened.

Another Republican, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, is also confident that Biden will swear on time on January 20, and the leader has not spoken to acknowledge the election results. “It’s embarrassing.”

Hogan added that Trump thought it was “totally exorbitant” last week to pressure state legislators to “somehow try to change the outcome.”

The United States used to oversee elections around the world, but now “we’re starting to look like we’re in the Banana Republic,” Hogan told CNN’s show.

“It’s time for them to quit,” he added, about Trump’s efforts to put legal and political pressure on him.

On friday, the president met Republican leaders in Michigan at the White House are of the leaders and people of other battlefield states of the Electoral College, even though local and federal-level officials have declared the most. He set aside his will and tried hard to declare Trump the winner. A safe election in American history.

In a recent setback to Trump’s efforts, Matthew Blanc, a judge in the US District Court for the Republican Party in Pennsylvania, has abandoned the Trump campaign’s request to deprive about 7 million voters there.

“This claim was unplannedly stitched together from two different theories to avoid controlling precedent, like Frankenstein’s monster,” he wrote in a disgusting order issued Saturday.

It prevented the states from proving the total number of votes after similar court bids failed in Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona.

Pennsylvania officials ruled that Biden could prove election results in a state with more than 80,000 votes, and Mr. Bran said the Trump campaign “merits and speculative condemnation” in an attempt to challenge the batch. He said he presented a tense legal debate. Of thousands of votes.

Bran also suggests that the Trump campaign case shows that he doesn’t understand the US Constitution, writing: “Plaintiffs are trying to rectify their refusal to vote by invalidating millions of other votes. Instead of requiring them to count their votes, they trust the scores of the other votes. I try to hurt, but it’s only one race. It’s not just how the Constitution works. “

To maintain the hope that Trump will stay in the White House, Biden’s 81,000-vote lead in Pennsylvania must be eliminated. Like Michigan, the state will begin certifying results on Monday.

Kristen Clark, chairman of the Attorneys’ Committee for Civil Rights under the Law, said of the Pennsylvania results and proof of future results: “This should nail further attempts by President Trump to use federal courts to rewrite the results. In the 2020 elections.”

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey admitted that the ruling blocked the chances of a legal victory in the state, urged Trump to accept the results, and praised Blanc as a “fair and impartial lawyer.” ..

Liz Cheney, a member of the Republican leaders’ team in the House of Representatives, urged Trump to respect “the sacredness of our election process” if he could not prove his allegations of fraud.

Biden won the most presidential election winners in history, recorded 6 million more votes than Trump, and began naming people to fill his cabinet position on Tuesday, with Ron Klain on Sunday. Said.

Trump faces pressure from Republicans to stop “corrosive” fights to overturn elections | 2020 US elections

Source link Trump faces pressure from Republicans to stop “corrosive” fights to overturn elections | 2020 US elections

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