Trump faces Senate trial after the second historic impeachment

Washington — The House of Representatives resolved on Wednesday to impeach President Trump, consolidating his historic position as the only president to be impeached twice for inciting a rebellion in the US Capitol. The bipartisan rebuke will be approved at an unprecedented rate and will head to the Senate where the president will be tried.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell said he had not made a final decision on how to vote. This is a significant departure from last year’s impeachment trial, which was acquitted by the president.

He also said the Senate couldn’t finish the trial before the presidential election Joe Biden took office on January 20th next week. The Senate will be reconvened the day before.

“The Senate process begins at the first regular meeting after receiving an article from the House of Representatives,” McConnell said Wednesday.

“In the light of this reality, if Congress and the administration spend the next seven days with a full focus on facilitating a safe inauguration and the orderly transfer of power to the next Biden administration, it is ours. I believe it will be most useful to the country, “he said.

If the Senate trial extends to Mr. Biden’s term, the Senate may choose to convict Mr. Trump and ban him from holding federal office positions in the future, but scholars may choose to ban him from taking office in the future, but scholars say The constitutionality of the trial is different. A majority of two-thirds of the Senate is required to be convicted.

Mr. Biden Said in a statement He hopes the Senate leadership will “find a way to address the constitutional responsibilities of impeachment while at the same time tackling other urgent projects in the country.”

“We often say that if we do it together, there is nothing we can’t do, and it wasn’t as important for us to stand together as a nation,” he said. ..

Trump faces Senate trial after the second historic impeachment

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