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Mr. Trump said the Commission’s request was “almost unlimited” and sought records that had no rational relationship with the day.

Former President Donald Trump will speak at the Save America Rally on Saturday, September 25, 2021 in Perry, Georgia. Associated Press Photo / Ben Gray Associated Press

Washington (AP) — Former President Donald Trump on Monday waives executive privilege in an attempt to prevent the release of documents related to the January 6 Parliamentary riot to Parliamentary Commission investigating the attack. He challenged President Joe Biden’s first decision.

In a federal proceeding, Mr. Trump said the Commission’s request was “almost unlimited” and sought records that had no reasonable relationship with the day. According to documents filed in federal court in the District of Columbia, he called it “freed from legislative legislative purposes” and “indignated illegal fishing expedition.”

Mr. Trump’s proceedings were expected as Mr. Trump said he would challenge the investigation and at least one ally, Steve Bannon, opposed the subpoena. However, the legal objection exceeded the first 125-page record that Biden recently cleared for publication to the Commission. The proceedings appointing the Commission and the National Archives aim to nullify the entire request of Parliament, calling it an overly widespread, overly burdensome and challenge to the separation of powers. It demands a court injunction prohibiting archivists from creating documents.

The Biden administration said the violent siege of the Capitol was usually worthy of waiving the privilege of protecting White House communications when organizing documents for release.

In a letter received by the Associated Press, the White House worked to undermine Banon’s debate before a scheduled committee vote on whether to recommend criminal contempt charges against Banon. Banon is a former White House adviser who left the administration years before the riots.

Deputy adviser Jonathan Sue said the president’s decision on the document also applied to Banon, “at this time we are not aware of why the client refused to appear for deposit.”

“President Biden’s decision that claims of privilege are not justified on these subjects applies to your client’s testimony testimony and any document your client may own on either subject.” Sue wrote to a Banon lawyer.

A Banon lawyer said he hadn’t seen the letter yet and couldn’t comment. Banon said a court order was required before complying with the subpoena, but former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former White House and Pentagon aide Kashap Patel negotiated with the Commission. There is. It is unclear if the fourth former White House aide, Dan Scavino, will follow.

The Commission also summoned more than a dozen people who helped plan Trump’s rally prior to the siege, and some of them said they would already submit documents and testify. I did.

Lawmakers want documents as part of an investigation into how Trump supporter mobs attacked the Capitol building on January 6 in a violent effort to stop proof of victory in Biden’s elections. I’m out. The Commission has a wide range of government documents related to information gathered before the attack, security preparations during and before the siege, Trump support rallies held that day, and false claims that Trump won the election. Requested.

“The infinite demands included more than 50 individual demands for documents and information, referring to more than 30 individuals, including those working inside and outside the government,” Trump’s proceedings said.

The file contains “conversations with (or about) foreign leaders, attorneys’ deliverables, the most confidential national security secrets, and potentially any privileged communications between hundreds of pools. The file should be withheld because it may contain people. “

The proceedings also challenge legality Presidential Records ActThe incumbent president argues that it is inherently unconstitutional to allow executive privilege to be relinquished just months after his predecessor resigned. Biden states that he will consider each request individually to determine if that privilege should be relinquished.

Although not specified in the Constitution, executive privilege protects the president’s ability to obtain candid advice from his advisers without fear of immediate disclosure and protects his secret communication related to public responsibility. It has been developed.

However, when the Supreme Court ruled that it could not be used to protect the release of the secret Oval Office tape sought in a criminal investigation, as illustrated in Watergate, and September 11 Following the terrorist attack of the day, there are restrictions in unusual circumstances.

The proceedings on Monday were filed by Jesse Vinal, a lawyer based in Alexandria, Virginia. Jesse Vinal represented Trump in an unsuccessful proceeding late last year in an attempt to overturn Biden’s victory in Nevada. Trump and his allies continue to make unfounded claims about fraudulent voting in the 2020 elections.

Mr. Trump’s proceedings are taken from the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2020 ruling in a proceeding by the House Commission seeking final tax returns and other financial records of the then president. However, the proceedings involved a court that enforced parliamentary subpoenas. The High Court in that case instructed the Lower Court to apply a balance test to decide whether to submit the record — it is still pending.

Neither the White House nor the Special Committee commented immediately.

Associated Press writers Mary Claire Jaronic, Noman Merchant, and Eric Tucker contributed to this report.

Trump files lawsuit to keep Jan. 6 documents from Congress Source link Trump files lawsuit to keep Jan. 6 documents from Congress

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