Trump Finds A Historic Muse With Tourmates And Former Fox News Anchor Bill O’Reilly | Donald Trump

DOnald Trump seems to have found his historic muse. The former US President goes on a tour for a series of “live conversations” with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who has a reason to understand him best.

At least 26 women Trump has been accusing sexual misconduct for over 40 years, from harassment to sexual assault and rape. He denies them all.O’Reilly Exiled from Fox In 2017 following multiple accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.

The duo’s shameless, rebellious apparent embrace will be tested on a history tour on December 11th in Sunrise, Florida, December 18th in Houston, Texas, and December 19th in Dallas, Texas. The location of another stop on December 12 has not yet been confirmed.

This series is a popular ticket in the world of “Make America Great Again” or “Maga” and could be a gold spinner for both men.It will give playing cards that showed little interest At the presidential library The first puncture wound of posterity. But anyone who wants a replay of a blatant interview with David Frost’s Richard Nixon can be disappointed.

Press release On O’Reilly’s website, Trump presides over a “particularly intense period” and states that “we will discuss exactly how things were achieved and the challenges, both good and bad.”

O’Reilly describes himself as a “historian / journalist.” He co-authored best-selling books on the assassination of the President, including Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln.

The release states that Trump said: “These will be great but damaging sessions to discuss the real problems that are happening in the United States. The fake news media will never mention them.”

The 45th President also promises that “it will be fun, fun and fun for everyone in attendance.”

Trump and O’Reilly are right-wing populists who are furious at political correctness and give the following suspicious examples:Christmas war“.

O’Reilly, a former presenter of Fox News’ top-class The O’Reilly Factor, added in a press release: “My job as a historian / journalist is to keep track of what’s important in a factual way. These conversations with the 45th President are not boring.”

This tour is the latest step in President Trump’s rare post-President, who turns 75 on Monday. With a blog banned from Facebook and Twitter and collapsed within a month, his online presence has returned to pre-2016 levels, but he remains. Informal leader It’s a Republican party, hinting at another presidential election in 2024.

“Mr. Trump was a declining figure in American life and had too much presence. His party is noteworthy-and many say it’s dangerous.” Pay attention to the New York Times report About his speech to North Carolina Republicans last weekend.

The conversation with O’Reilly was captured by a late-night television host. Jimmy Fallon from NBC Equipment: “It should be a fun tour. The backstage pass will automatically be paid $ 130,000 in hash money. Isn’t it okay?”

Trump Finds A Historic Muse With Tourmates And Former Fox News Anchor Bill O’Reilly | Donald Trump

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