Trump has “dangerously brought the United States closer to a catastrophe,” the January 6 panel said | January 6 Hearing

The House Election Commission, investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol on Thursday, is a “dangerous” last attempt to pressure Donald Trump’s vice president Mike Pence to refuse the vote. Said the country “dangerously close to catastrophe.”

With live witnesses and recorded testimony records, the panel said that the increasingly desperate Trump was a “totally meaningless and anti-democratic” theory devised by conservative law professor John Eastman. I showed you how to get stuck in. Parliamentary recognition of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections. The Vice President has no such power.

Congressman Bennie Thompson, chairman of the committee and a Democrat in Mississippi, said earlier this year that a man could choose a president “there are few more non-American ideas.” I started the session by quoting from the Vice President. Trump was asking him to do so.

“I wanted playing cards Mike pence “To do what the other vice presidents have never done,” Thompson said. “I was blessed with Mr. Pence’s courage. On January 6, Oor’s democracy was dangerously large. The disaster is over. “

The panel said that Trump accepted the plan, and his public and private pressure campaign against Pence. Hours of parliamentary siege endanger the lives of the Vice President. It also aims to show that there is a “continuing threat” to democracy from those who claim the false view that the 2020 elections are fraudulent.

During the two-hour hearing on Thursday, the Commission turned to two Witnesses to show that Pence’s unwavering loyalty to Trump was limited. The court ruled that it was free and fair.

The Vice President chose the Constitution under pressure between the President who refused to accept the defeat and the Constitution that did not give him the power to change the course of the election, those who advised him testified Thursday. Did.

The Panel heard from Greg Jacob, who was a lawyer when Pence was Vice President, that Eastman’s plan to invalidate the outcome of the 2020 elections is illegal from that initiative. It eventually failed, but Jacob would warn that it jeopardized the American democracy experiment.

“Our elected and appointed leaders break our law to achieve partisan objectives or to achieve the frustrated policy objectives they consider to be important in existence. They are defeating the United States, when twisted and not enforced, “he said in a written testimony to the Commission. “We should not be surprised when our citizens treat the law and the Constitution with the same level of respect as our leaders.”

J Michael Rutig, a retired judge and informal pence adviser, testified that “America was at war on its fateful day.”

“If the Vice President of the United States obeyed the President of the United States, the United States would soon have plunged into a revolutionary equivalent in a paralyzed constitutional crisis,” Rutig said in his written testimony.

Federal Judge Trump and Eastman in March “Probably” committed a felony In their efforts to overturn the 2020 elections, including disrupting Congressional activities and colluding to deceive the American people.Committee Was teased Hearing with a clip that former Trump White House lawyer Eric Hirschman testified to Eastman.

“What the president wanted from the vice president was not just wrong, but illegal and unconstitutional,” said Liz Cheney, a Republican and vice chairman of the Commission in Wyoming.

Reliable Email A committee written by Eastman knew that a plan involving alternative slate of voters from a few states Trump was arguing was illegal, but it was nevertheless possible. He insisted that he presented it as a good course of action.

According to an email released in court, on December 13, 2020, the so-called Trump Legal Team is promoting a “Senator Chair” strategy that mentions Pence taking such action on January 6, 2021. I did. Filing.

But, importantly, the legislature had not yet met to certify the electorate’s alternative Trump Slate by that date. Eastman emailed that he knew that his delicate plans needed to happen in order to be successful.

Eastman also said in an email released in court filings on December 19, 2020, “unless these voters get a certificate from a state legislator,” Trump’s slate “arrives in parliament.” Then he would die, “he weakened the plan.

The email showed that Eastman knew that the plan was based on the state that proved Trump’s slate. But when he presented Pence with a note proving the existence of Trump’s slate in January 2021-it didn’t really exist-he revealed a corrupt intention to thwart the proceedings on January 6. The panel believes it did.

No state legislature has finally approved an alternative slate for Trump voters. The Trump White House appears to have participated in a related plan to send fake Trump Slate to Congress, but was not featured in the day of the attack’s certification.

Last week’s opening prime time hearing brought together more than 20 million viewers and focused on putting Trump at the center of a vast “seven-part” plan to overturn the election. The second hearing traced the origin and spread of Trump’s stolen election myth.

The panel said the hearing will be led by Democratic California State Legislature Pete Aguilar and will be cross-examined by former US lawyer John Wood, a senior investigative adviser to the Commission.

Recorded testimony from Pence’s former Chief of Staff Mark Short was also taken up at a hearing on Thursday for violence against the Vice President when an angry mob attacked the Capitol yelling “hang Mike Pence.” New details about the threat will also be revealed. Nine dead are associated with the attack and its aftermath.

The Commission’s main focus was to show that Trump and his lies on elections continue to threaten American democracy.

Indeed, Republican candidates who accepted Trump’s unfounded allegations in fraudulent elections in major primaries across the country conclude their nomination for public office.

Trump has “dangerously brought the United States closer to a catastrophe,” the January 6 panel said | January 6 Hearing

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