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Denver, Colorado 2021-07-20 16:36:33 –

New York — Former President Donald Trump’s 2017 Inaugural Committee chairman will benefit the United Arab Emirates and influence Trump’s foreign policy position to commit crimes “at the very center of democracy.” He was arrested on Tuesday for giving.

Tom Barrack, 74, of Santa Monica, California, was one of three men charged in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, and influenced foreign policy while Trump was in action since 2016. I tried to conspire to act as an unregistered foreign agent. President.

Barrack was charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and multiple false statements during an interview with federal law enforcement agencies in June 2019. In addition, seven indictments in Brooklyn federal court were filed by Matthew Grimes, 27, in Aspen, Colorado, and Rashid Sultan Rashid Al Malik Alshahhi, 43, in the United Arab Emirates. ..

“Defendants use Barrack’s friendship and access to the final presidential candidate, high-ranking campaigns and government officials, and the American media repeatedly to reveal true loyalty. No, it has advanced the policy goals of foreign governments, “said General Mark Resco, a deputy lawyer, in a news release.

Prosecutors said Barrack not only agreed to promote the interests of UAE’s foreign policy through its own access and influence, but also provided UAE government officials with confidential information about progress within the Trump administration. .. Other Middle Eastern countries.

“To make matters worse, the defendant has made it possible to further advance the interests of the UAE, not the interests of the United States, in communicating with Al Malik, to gain his official position within the administration. We have put together an effort, “the prosecutor wrote.

A spokeswoman said Barrack would plead not guilty.

“Mr. Barrack has made it available to investigators voluntarily from the beginning,” said a spokesman.

Grimes was arrested in California on Tuesday. A comment message was sent to his lawyer. The whereabouts of the third defendant were not immediately clear.

Barrack was the first to appear in federal court in Southern California. So the prosecutor asked a US judge to take him to New York.

Forbes estimates his net worth at $ 1 billion and grants access to private planes, prosecutors call Barrack “a very wealthy and powerful with substantial ties to Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Called an “individual” and poses a serious flight risk. In a letter submitted before he appeared.

Prosecutors also want to hold Grimes without bail.

Resco characterized the alleged act as “a betrayal of US officials, including the former president.”

Barrack faces criminal charges, including his former campaign chair, former deputy campaign chair, former chief strategist, former national security officer, former individual lawyer, and long-time chief financial officer of his company. The latest in a long line of.

Trump inaugural committee head, Aspen man accused of being UAE agents Source link Trump inaugural committee head, Aspen man accused of being UAE agents

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