Trump is deceived and denied and is not responsible for the Capitol riots

Image: Donald Trump, November 26, 2020. Source: Photo of the official White House by Sharla Craighead.


Alamo, Texas (AP) —President Donald Trump on Tuesday encouraged supporters to march at the Capitol and praise them while they were still running, but last week’s US Congress Assault that was not responsible for fostering a violent rebellion in the Capitol.

“People thought what I said was perfectly appropriate,” Trump said.

He commented when lawmakers aggregated the votes of the Electoral College and made their first public appearance since the siege of the Capitol, which supported President Joe Biden’s victory. Trump arrived in Texas on Tuesday and trumpeted a campaign against illegal immigrants in an attempt to hone his legacy as Congressmen appeared to impeach for the second time this week.

Alamo, Texas, a city in the Rio Grande Valley near the US-Mexico border — 450 miles from the border wall being built by his administration, Trump declares to his cabinet that he is ineligible. He erased the call for democracy to remove him from power using the 25th Amendment.

“Twenty-fifth Constitutional Amendment is zero risk to me, but it will haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration,” Mr. Trump said. “As the expression progresses, pay attention to what you want.”

The rampage through the parliamentary hall hid members of both parties and Trump’s own vice president as the crowd demanded Mike Pence’s lynching for his role in overseeing the number of votes. This scene also undermined the republic’s characteristic change of power. At least five people were killed, including one police officer in the Capitol.

“It’s a time of peace and calm,” Trump said on Tuesday, less than a week after eating eggs for a mob who had landed on the Capitol. He referred to the campaign’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” and added that “respect for law enforcement is the foundation of the MAGA agenda.”

In the days leading up to the January 6 certification vote, Trump urged supporters to step down to Washington, DC, claiming his unfounded fraudulent elections despite the consequences of his own administration’s opposition. Promised a “barbaric” rally to support. Mr. Trump talked to the elliptical crowd for more than an hour, encouraging supporters to “fight like hell,” and Republicans “give more courage not to step up,” overturning voters’ will. I proposed to give him another term. .. He also proposed to participate in the march at the Capitol.

By the time Trump closed, thousands of his supporters were already heading to the Capitol, where lawmakers convened to count the electoral votes. As the riot was still inside the building and lawmakers were evacuating to a safe place, Trump seemed to forgive the case, at the behest of an aide shocked by the violence, saying the following about the riot: I released a video that looks like. You are very special. Go home. “

Mr. Trump said on Tuesday that the “real problem” was not his rhetoric, but the rhetoric that the Democrats used to explain Black Lives Matter’s protests and violence in Seattle and Portland this summer. It was.

“Everyone in the’t’thought it was perfectly appropriate,” Trump said of his own comments.

Mr. Trump was angry and angry at lawmakers’ allegations for a second impeachment this week, saying: “

Alamo is named after the San Antonio mission, where a small group of Texas independent fighters fought Mexican troops during a 13-day siege. Most of them died, but the mission eventually became a symbol of the Texas people’s resistance to defeating the Mexican army.

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Mr. Trump’s visit is arguably a symbol of the president’s rebellion, coming when he is isolated, suffering, and staring at the prospect of a second impeachment during the last few days of the president.

While Trump was traveling, Pence assured the governor that the next administration was working “hard” with Joe Biden’s team in the presidential election. He thanked the governor for their leadership on the coronavirus and promised them a “seamless transition.”

Trump’s aides have urged the president to emphasize that he considers the remaining days of the president to be a major achievement of his presidency: significant tax cuts, efforts to withdraw federal regulation, conservative Transformation of the federal court by the appointment of a judge. However, Trump has been consumed by fraudulent voting and unfounded allegations of conspiracy.

In Texas, he made a statement highlighting his administration’s efforts to curb illegal immigrants and the progress of his signature 2016 campaign promise: a “big and beautiful wall” across the length of the southern border. Build-Impressive construction made of concrete and rebar. But over time, Trump demanded a fix that was largely rejected. He wanted it to be painted black to burn the hands of those who touched it. He wanted it to be decorated with deadly spikes. He even wanted to surround it with a moat full of crocodiles. He promised it would be funded by Mexico, but US taxpayers eventually endorsed the bill.

In the end, his administration oversaw the construction of a border wall construction of about 450 miles — probably reaching 475 miles by the inauguration date. Most of that wall replaces the small barriers that already existed, but the new walls are fairly difficult to bypass.

Over the past four years, Trump and his administration have taken extreme and often illegal actions in an attempt to curb both illegal and legal immigrants. Their efforts were helped by a coronavirus pandemic in his last year. And it stopped international travel. However, the number of people who have stopped trying to cross the southern border illegally has returned in recent months. December figures show nearly 74,000 encounters on the southwestern border, up 3% from November and 81% from the previous year.

Dozens of Trump supporters gathered hours before visiting the Rio Grande Valley near Harlingen Airport, Texas, where he was due to land. They planned to stage a caravan of flag-flying vehicles in support of a far-right cause, such as the President and the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Trump warned that Biden’s reversal of his policy would result in a “tsunami of illegal immigrants.” “Ending these policies is deliberately putting the United States in really serious danger,” he added.

Mr Biden said he would stop building the border wall and, if possible, take administrative steps to overturn some of Trump’s restrictions on illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. However, Biden and his aides acknowledge the possibility of a new crisis at the border if they act too quickly, and Biden has secured funding for his administration and limits the Trump era. He said it could take six months to put in place the infrastructure needed to mitigate.

Trump quickly listed his major changes at the border with the aim of not only promoting the wall, but also discouraging asylum. He cites a “stay in Mexico” policy, which has forced more than 65,000 asylum seekers to wait for hearings in the U.S. Immigration Court since January 2019, and hopes with Central American countries. An agreement was reached to provide asylum to those who do. Protection in the United States.

He acknowledged the wall’s achievements in reducing illegal border crossings from its 13-year high in 2019, but the Government Accountability Office said the government would reduce the number of illegal border crossings to build the wall. I found that I lacked a way to associate.

Mr. Trump erroneously stated that he inherited “open border” from his predecessor Barack Obama. Despite promising to add 5,000, he left the office with about the same number of border guard agents as he started, and during Obama’s tenure, immigrant months suspended at the border. The number exceeds the total.


Associated Press writer Noman Merchant in Harlingen, Texas. Ben Fox and Alexandra Jaffe in Washington. Alan Sadderman from Richmond, Virginia. Elliot Spagata from San Diego contributed to this report.


Source: Associated Press

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