Trump lacks the chance to overturn the election defeat

Legal options to challenge Donald Trump’s election defeat are narrowing significantly, and Joe Biden’s three to prove the outcome in the wake of the catastrophic defeat of the Trump campaign in court over the weekend. A fierce battle state was carried.

Pennsylvania and Michigan can officialize their results as early as Monday, and Nevada has a deadline to prove their vote on Tuesday. These milestones will further undermine Mr. Trump’s unprecedented efforts to overturn the outcome of the election.

Certification arrives just as Republican firm support for Mr. Trump’s legal objection has begun to collapse. Recently, several elected civil servants have publicly told the president to respect the democratic process or begin the transition process.

Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey called on Mr. Trump to admit defeat, and House of Representatives top Republican Liz Cheney warned the president that he should provide evidence of fraud “immediately.” ..

North Dakota Republican Senator Kevin Cramer defended Mr. Trump on Sunday simply as “exercising his legal options,” but said “the transition has begun in the past.” It was. “There must be an end,” he said of NBC. Meet the press..

But Mr. Trump was defeated even after a conservative Pennsylvania judge threw a Trump campaign election proceeding on Saturday night in the opinion that the case lacked legal benefits and evidence. There are few signs of admitting.

“We will find a lot of fraudulent votes,” the US president insisted on Twitter on Sunday. “Fight the fierce Republicans.”

Since November 3, Mr. Trump has begun an attempt to stick to power never seen before in US history. He dismissed the proceedings, almost all dismissed by the court, and urged state legislators to ignore the results and unilaterally declare his election.

His legal team, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and defense lawyer Sydney Powell, is becoming increasingly extreme, with Powell claiming that Republican election officials were involved in a plot against Mr. Trump. I have no claim.

Former Republican Governor of New Jersey and Trump’s ally, Chris Christie, called his legal team “national embarrassment” on Sunday and said it was time for the president to admit.

“The country is the most important. I’m a strong Republican and I have to come first as much as I love my party,” he said of ABC. this week..

So far, Democratic and Republican election officials have been confident in the completeness of the results, rejecting widespread fraud allegations in the Trump campaign, and efforts have been unable to upset the election process.

On Monday, the Pennsylvania county was set to certify the results to the state’s highest election authorities after Saturday’s dismissal of the Trump campaign proceedings attempting to block its certification. Mr. Trump’s lawyer said he would appeal the dismissal with the intention of bringing the case to the Supreme Court.

The Michigan Election Commission, which consists of two Republicans and two Democrats, will also meet on Monday to vote on whether to prove the results. Earlier this week, similar county-level committees in Wayne County, Michigan, including Detroit, temporarily stalled along a partisan line.

And on Tuesday, Nevada, who also won Biden, is set to prove the result. A judge on Friday denied a proceeding filed by conservative activists to block Nevada’s certification.

Biden’s White House Chief of Staff, Ronald Crane, said President-elect is preparing to take office on January 20, despite Trump’s efforts, his first on Tuesday. Announces the appointment of the Cabinet.

“Everything Donald Trump is doing now is bad for democracy, bad for our position and the image of the world, but what will happen here when the new president takes office next year? It doesn’t change, “said Mr. Crane. this week..

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Trump lacks the chance to overturn the election defeat

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