Trump lawyers derail start of Milwaukee’s recount while his campaign observers intimidate poll workers – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2020-11-21 06:05:32 –

A recount of presidential elections in two of Wisconsin’s most democratic counties will begin on November 20 and will destroy tens of thousands of absentee votes in President Donald Trump’s campaign that he claimed should not be counted. It was made.

Joe Biden won Wisconsin with 20,600 votes, carrying Dane County and Milwaukee County by a 2: 1 margin. Trump paid only for recounts in these two counties, not the other 70 counties, and won in 58 of them. His strategy is a political stunt to rally his bases and build another legal debate to bring to court, as there is no precedent for a recount that has overturned the deficit of Trump in Wisconsin. It is widely seen as a trick for.

A small group of protesters, from Souls to pollsters and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), protested outside the Wisconsin Center with large letters spelling the word “decision.” The group said voters have already decided on a presidential election, not Trump.

They called on the president to focus on resolving an uncontrollable pandemic in Wisconsin and the country, rather than wasting time and money recounting votes. Rev. Gregory Lewis, the founder and president of Souls to the Polls, recovered from COVID-19 earlier this year. He said people couldn’t be with their families on Thanksgiving and lost their loved ones due to the virus.

“Trump turned his back on everything needed to resolve the situation, but nevertheless deserves this discomfort to people with such things, recalls, and fraud charges. I’m thinking, “said Rev. Lewis. “It’s insane. Wise people shouldn’t put up with such nonsense.”

Trump’s legal team presented a list of dissenting laundry as the recount was set to take place in Milwaukee on November 20th. The tactics eventually delayed the start of the recount by 6 hours as the Commission considered their requirements. This effort reflected previous efforts by the Trump campaign to delay and derail similar procedures.

Trump’s attorney claimed that he was informed by an unidentified observer who was not able to see through Plexiglas and believed he was unable to observe the ballots and materials being considered by the electoral workers. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, observers need to maintain a physical distance and plexiglass is needed as a safety measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to unfounded complaints that the opportunity to observe ballots was inadequate, the Trump campaign filed seven other requests.

  1. We require that all written applications for absentee ballots be present during the recount and are set aside for observation.
  2. Request that all absentee ballot envelopes without a written application be set aside for observation.
  3. We request that you keep all absentee ballot envelopes with different inks for observation.
  4. Request that all absentee ballot logs are available and include all absentee applications, including online requests, and keep them for observation.
  5. We request that you keep all absentee ballots and applications that identify voters trapped indefinitely for observation.
  6. Require that all copies of absentee ballot identification or evidence of all other photo identification be kept for observation.
  7. We request that all data on all tabulating machines and all images on ballots be saved and observable today. Also, all audit trails and / or error trails from the tabulating machine from November 2-5, 2020, and technicians who performed either this work or update from November 2-5. Allows you to observe the name. , 2020.

The team also sought to destroy the ballot if the election manager filled out the missing address information on the envelope of the certificate in which the ballot was inserted. Absentee ballot in which voters declare that they are “indefinitely imprisoned” under the law. Absentee ballot with no written application in file, including about 69,000 people cast directly two weeks before the election date.

Trump’s attorney argued that certificate envelopes filled in by the person who directly voted for absentee ballots, even if the envelopes were so identified, would not count as a written application under the law. The campaign committee, 2-1 dominated by the Democratic Party, unanimously resolved to dismiss the complaint.

The campaign further claimed that people claimed to have been imprisoned indefinitely, if not indefinitely. Such a declaration eliminates the need for voters to present photo ID to cast ballots. The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court, under the guidance of the bipartisan Wisconsin Election Commission, ruled that it was up to individual voters to decide whether they were detained indefinitely. Republicans objected, and the campaign committee voted 2-1 to count those votes.

Trump’s lawyer later claimed that the law did not allow the clerk to fill in the missing information on the envelopes associated with the absentee ballot. The State Election Commission told the clerk before the election that he could fill in the missing information on the absentee ballot envelope. This is a practice that has been practiced in at least the last 11 elections. The Election Commission unanimously voted to count those votes.

The Election Commission has agreed to Trump’s request to set aside all absentee ballot envelopes that claim that voters are “indefinitely imprisoned” and have two different colors of ink. This probably indicates that someone other than the voters has completed the information. Trump also requested that the absentee ballot be separated with or without a written application and that the absentee ballot log explaining what was requested through the state’s website.

Hundreds of volunteers have signed up to observe the recounts at the Wisconsin Center. While Trump’s attorneys were discussing them with the door-to-door canvassing committee, some of the observers shouted in protest when the request was denied. The individual was taken away by a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s agent, along with a person who refused to wear the mask.

The actual recounting process has finally begun after the campaign committee has set guidelines for voting workers to follow. It was quickly derailed by Trump’s observer.

Witnesses saw Trump observers repeatedly threatening nonpartisan ballot workers and attempting to sort ballots. It was also pointed out that Trump’s observers were disproportionately gathered around a table with colored races. Some of Trump’s observers also exercised powers they did not have by instructing Milwaukee authorities on issues outside the guidelines set by the Election Commission.

The Trump campaign later opposed the opposite procedure, further impeding the progress of the counting process. At one point, Trump observers and attorneys gathered together around three members of the campaign committee, violating the rules of social distance.

When the news media filmed and photographed the meltdown, Trump campaign lawyers took another step in the threat by telling the media that they were not allowed to document the situation. Although the meeting took place in a public place surrounded by observers, pollsters and committee members, it was alleged that the discussion was protected by attorney / client privileges.

The recount process, with experience in other states, encountered issues that did not occur four years ago. In Wisconsin, state law states that only the current Democratic election committee chairman has the authority to prove election results once the recount is complete. However, Republican members have suggested that an entire six-member committee may need to be approved.

The Wisconsin Election Commission is planning a meeting on Tuesday, December 1, the deadline for proof of election results.

“I think it’s irresponsible by the Trump campaign and Donald Trump himself, and it shows his lack of empathy for the Americans,” said George Kristenson, Secretary of Milwaukee County. “While the coronavirus pandemic is skyrocketing, we don’t have to spoil people’s Thanksgiving holidays for unnecessary recounts.”

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