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2020-12-05 17:04:30 –

Atlanta-President Donald Trump futilely pressured the Governor of Georgia on Saturday to convene a special session aimed at overturning the outcome of the presidential election.

Trump and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp spoke on the phone hours before Trump attended a rally in Valdosta, Georgia.

However, whether his first post-election political rally was a mission to help his party or himself remained an open question.

Hours before the event, Trump called Kemp to order a legislative session. According to a senior government official in Georgia, the governor refused to be allowed to discuss private conversations and had knowledge of telephones spoken on condition of anonymity. A person near the White House who was briefed on the matter confirmed the phone’s description.

According to a tweet from the governor, Trump also asked him to order an audit of the signature of the absentee ballot envelope from his state presidential election, because he has no authority to interfere with the election process. Kemp is not authorized to take on behalf of Trump.

Mr. Trump resolved his frustration on Twitter after the call.

“Your people are refusing to do what you ask for,” he complained as if he were talking to Kemp. “What are they hiding? At least request a special session of Congress immediately. What you can do easily and quickly.”

Despite personal contact with Mr. Trump’s governor, Georgia Republicans have encouraged him to focus on the January 5 final vote and vote for his supporters. He has shown that he is keen to amplify the intriguing and uncovered theory of fraudulent elections.

Voters believe the system is fraudulent because Trump has so much suspicion about Georgia’s elections that Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are Democrats John Osov and Rafael. I’m worried about deciding not to take part in two races trying to withstand Warnock. Each puts the Senate under Republican control.

In a tweet, Kemp said: “As I told the President this morning, I publicly called for signature audits three times (11/20, 11/24, 12/3) to restore and ensure confidence in the election process. Only legitimate votes are counted. “

But he can only make recommendations. The governor does not have the authority to order an audit in the race. In addition, the race in Georgia was recognized by President-elect Joe Biden, without the systematic mistakes Trump claims, and confirmed to be a fair and counted vote by the state’s Republican election authorities. I did.

The White House Chief of Staff publicly ridiculed the idea that Trump might do something at the Valdosta rally at night, other than encouraging Republicans to support Padu and Leffler.

“I believe this is the beginning of the two senators crossing the finish line,” White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany said on the eve of Mr. Trump’s visit. McKennie points out that while Republicans have narrowed the majority of Democrats in the House, some vulnerable Republicans have survived the challenge with a comfortable margin, and Trump is his party’s largest turnout driver. I believed.

But even Vice President Mike Pence, after two Trump-supporting lawyers questioned whether it was worth voting again last week in response to the president’s unfounded accusations that the vote was widespread. , Betrayed concerns that the Republican coalition could collapse due to Trump’s dissatisfaction.

“I know everyone has doubts about the last election, some say,’Don’t vote,'” Pence said during a campaign with Purdue in the Savannah on Friday. Said. “If you don’t vote, they win.”

Republicans need another seat for the majority of the Senate. Democrats need a Georgia sweep to force the Senate 50-50 and position Kamala Harris in the vice presidential election as a majority vote.

Most Republicans in Washington and Georgia said that this wide range of newly discovered battlefield voters proved Trump’s false claims, or Biden’s victory in the state of Governor of Georgia and the Secretary of State. I believe I will opt out of voting because of my contempt.

The Republican risk is that if the final vote is as close as the presidential election, there will be no problematic drop-off. Biden won Georgia with about 12,500 votes out of a cast of 5 million people. There’s enough noise to explain why Pence felt the need to face the problem head-on after the two Trump supporters highlighted the idea of ​​a presidential supporter who relied on Purdue and Leffler.

Attorney Sidney Powell advised last week at a “stop stealing” rally in the suburbs of Atlanta to “inform all Georgians not to vote until the vote is finalized, that is, political parties. No. “

Atlanta celebrity attorney Lynn Wood, who filed a court challenge to Biden’s unsuccessful victory, argued to Trump supporters that the state elections were “illegal.”

The Trump team recently tried to separate themselves from the pair, but only after being given an outstanding platform in a fierce effort to overturn the outcome of the presidential election. In addition, Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani returned to the Georgia Capitol Museum on Thursday to hold a marathon hearing featuring yet another broadcast of the disproved allegations.

Trump has been a source of party anxiety over his recent declaration of being a “national enemy” because Kemp was “unhappy” and Secretary of State Brad Rafence did not prevent Georgia’s victory in Biden. I will. State law does not give them the means to do so.

It struck a chord with voters such as Barry Mann, a 61-year-old business owner who came to hear Pence in the savanna. Mann has not decided whether to vote for Senator again.

“I think our elections have some problems and I think we need to do more research,” said Mann, enough to support Trump’s efforts to overturn the results, Mann said. He added that he didn’t think he did. “I want to see what happens between now and January,” Mann said.

The third number of votes required by the presidential reelection campaign was nearing completion. Raffensperger can prove the election again as soon as Saturday comes. The result does not change.


The Associated Press author Zeke Miller in Wilmington, Delaware and Russ Bynum in Savannah, Georgia contributed to this report.

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