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On March 29, birds are flying between wind turbines near King City, Missouri. Until the last few weeks, the Trump administration is working to promote dozens of environmental rollbacks that could undermine the protection of migratory birds 100 years ago. (AP Photo / Charlie Riedel, File)

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Billings, Montana. (AP) —The Trump administration could weaken migratory bird protection 100 years ago, allow more Arctic drilling, and hinder future regulation of public health threats until the last few weeks. We are working to promote dozens of environmental rollbacks.

Pending changes that benefit oil, gas and other industries add to the challenge for President-elect Joe Biden, who puts the restoration and promotion of environmental, climate and public health protection at the heart of the campaign.

Brian Latledge, Vice President of the National Audubon Society, said: “At the end of the administration, you will see a true scorched earth operation.

The proposed change is the upper limit of four years of unprecedented environmental deregulation by President Donald Trump, and the administration is how federal agencies apply and enforce the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and other protections. We have been working to radically change.

Most of the changes are expected to go through an approval process, including the White House releasing the final version and publishing it in the Federal Register.

Some decisions are easy for Biden to simply revoke once they take effect. He has already promised to return the United States to the Paris Climate Change Agreement as the first step in his $ 2 trillion climate plan. However, he faces years of work in court and institution to repair Trump’s significant reductions in the country’s environmental protection framework.

One change that Trump wants to promote will limit criminal charges against industries responsible for the death of migratory birds in the country. Takas and other birds moving through the central United States to the Great Plains nesting site are wind turbines that knock them out of air and oilfield waste pits, where landing birds die from toxic water from power line electrocution. Overcome deadly threats.

Today, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 provides significant protection for more than 1,000 species of birds, including hawks and other birds of prey. Federal prosecutors used the law to recover damage, including $ 100 million from BP, from a 2010 oil rig spill into the Gulf of Mexico, killing more than 100,000 seabirds.

However, the Trump administration wants to prevent companies from being criminally liable for such preventable unintended deaths.

Two days after the press declared Biden the winner of the presidential election, federal officials proceeded to change the bird treaty to the White House, one of the final steps before adoption.
“This is important,” said Rachel Jones, Vice President of the National Association of Manufacturers. Last year, Jones lobbyed for changes to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act at a meeting between private sector representatives and White House and Home Office staff. “It’s really important in the context of the infrastructure needed by modern society.”

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