Trump rally in Wisconsin after state reports record high COVID-19 cases

President Trump held rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin the following Saturday, the day after Wisconsin reported the highest number of new coronavirus cases. Mr. Trump made little mention of the pandemic at the rally, except for his own fight against it and efforts to reopen the nation.

“Frankly, I wish I had a Republican governor because I had to open the state,” Mr. Trump said in Janesville. “You have to open it. You have to open your state and bring everyone back to school.”

In Muskegon, Michigan, Mr. Trump also called on the state to “open up.” “Now you need to let the governor open your state, okay?” Trump said. “And open your school. Open your school. The school must be open, right?”

The crowd chanted “lock her in,” and Mr. Trump replied, “lock them all.”

“Man like Biden and the Democrats want to blockade Michigan and shut it down for business, which is terribly damaging your state,” Trump later said.

“I think she says she was threatened,” Trump said, referring to Michigan’s Governor’s kidnapping plan for Gretchen Whitmer. Fourteen people were charged in connection with the alleged kidnapping of Whitmer, two of whom were filmed in April in an armed protest at the State Capitol.

Whitmer drew a direct line between Mr. Trump’s rhetoric and the alleged plot. After his remark on Saturday Whitmer tweeted “This is exactly the rhetoric that is endangering the lives of me, my family, and other senior government officials while we are trying to save the lives of fellow Americans. It needs to be stopped.”

Michigan and Wisconsin are two of the three states Trump turned around in 2016 and must be retained if he wants to win on November 3. On Saturday, Mr. Trump promoted the economy and attacked Democratic candidate Joe Biden in trade. Connect him to a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

However, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health, nearly 4,000 new cases of coronavirus were identified on Friday. This is the largest number the state has seen in a day since the start of the pandemic.

The president speaks outside the airport, but it is in the county that is “very expensive.”

A spokesperson for the Trump campaign said the campaign is taking “strong precautions” for upcoming events.

“All attendees will be provided with a mask that will check their temperature and be instructed to wear it, and will have plenty of hand sanitizer available. Also, instruct attendees to wear a mask at the event. There is a sign, “said Deputy Press Secretary Courtney Parella. In the statement.

However, previous Trump campaign events had limited social distance, and few participants wore masks.

Dr. Bob Friedland, along with other Wisconsin doctors, stepped up on Friday to encourage the cancellation of Mr. Trump’s rally, CBS This Morning: Saturday. report..

“President Trump’s rally has become a platform for endangering public health and disseminating medically inaccurate information,” he said.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has also expressed concern.

“Unless something special happens in the meantime, he will encourage Superspreader events,” Evers said Thursday. “As Governor of Wisconsin, I would ask him personally, have people wear masks and physically keep them away.”

The Associated Press reported that attendees must park at least two miles away and board the shuttle bus to the event.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate, accused Mr. Trump while Wisconsin was “at risk of the worst coronavirus outbreak in the country.”

“President Trump deliberately downplays the severity of the virus, virtually every time he panics and wants it, rather than trying hard to control the virus,” Biden said in a statement on Saturday. Not. ” “And today, with 150,000 fewer Wisconsin workers than when President Trump took office, his failure to respond to a pandemic has crushed Wisconsin’s economy.”

Caroline Lynton contributed to this report.

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