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Cleveland, Ohio 2020-10-10 07:00:31 –

Cleveland (WJW) – It’s been a busy week here in Cleveland. For those of you who missed it, here are some of’s top stories.

President Trump returns to White House after COVID-19 diagnosis

President Donald Trump returned to the White House on Tuesday after being treated for COVID-19 at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland.

Trump’s doctor, Lieutenant Colonel Sean Conley, said the president wouldn’t be “out of the woods” completely for another week, but Trump met or exceeded the criteria for discharge.

Since then, Trump says he’s completely well.

Democrats discuss invoking 25th Amendment

The Democratic Party will discuss invoking the 25th Amendment, which empowers the president to be dismissed and replaced by the next president.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the announcement at a press conference Thursday.

The 25th Amendment came into force in 1967 to establish a clear process of continuity in the event that the President is temporarily or permanently disabled, or otherwise unable to perform his duties.

Increasing cases of ohio coronavirus

Governor Mike DeWine has expressed concern about the recent increase in coronavirus cases here in Ohio.

He believes it is because of the loose social distance, the lack of people wearing masks, and the refusal to follow quarantine and quarantine guidelines.

The latest COVID-19 advisory map shows 18 counties in red, with level 3 being a very high exposure, the highest number since July 23. The 58 counties are orange, the highest number ever recorded.

And another record was broken on Friday, when the state reported the highest number of cases of coronavirus in a 24-hour span.

Michigan Governor Whitmer Interferes with Abduction Conspiracy

Several men have been charged with attempting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and even seeing villas and setting up bombs, officials said.

In a criminal accusation on page 15, FBI agents wrote that the story of targeting the governor surfaced as early as June. The plan was to take Whitmer to Wisconsin for a kangaroo court trial for treason.

Court documents filed on Tuesday identify suspects in the federal proceedings as Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Thai Garvin, Caleb Frank, Danielle Harris, and Brandon Caserta. All suspects are from Michigan, with the exception of Croft from Delaware. If convicted, everyone faces life imprisonment.

Soccer player with touchdown of special support score

Recently, a local soccer player in need of special assistance had the opportunity to record a touchdown during a match, capturing a memorable moment on the camera.

Zacchaeus Gamblin plays for the Perkin Spirates 8th grade soccer team. His coaches, teammates, and other teams helped make the dream come true.

You can see a heartwarming story below.

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