Trump sue to prevent disclosure of presidential records related to parliamentary riots

Donald Trump has sued the US National Archives and Parliamentary Commission investigating involvement in the siege of the US Capitol on January 6 to prevent the release of presidential records.

The former president filed a proceeding in the US District Court in the District of Columbia on Monday, with the president and other government officials keeping certain communications confidential.

The proceedings mark the latest legal disputes between Playing cards And while he was at the White House, a House Democrat who fought for years to access documents related to Trump’s presidency and commerce.

It also sets the stage for yet another court battle for the former president, including a long list of legal issues, including the criminals of the Manhattan District Attorney. Survey The Trump Organization.

Democrats initially intended to set up a bipartisan committee to investigate, January 6 attackRepublican leaders boycotted the panel after suspending proof of victory for Joe Biden’s electoral college and killing at least five people.

Trump was impeached in January for “inciting a riot” for serving to stir up a crowd of supporters who attacked the Capitol, but only seven Republicans have since been convicted of him. After that, he was impeached in the Senate trial.

Another House committee investigating the former president’s involvement in the riots is led by Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson and has seven Democrats. Only two Republicans, Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who openly broke up with the party over their loyalty to Trump, are sitting on the panel.

In filing, Trump accused the House Selection Commission of investigating the January 6 “harassment” attack.[ing]By “sending a wide range of illegal and unfounded demands to US archivists,” he and the “senior members” of his administration.

“The Commission’s request was openly approved by Biden and was nothing more than a nasty and illegal fishing expedition aimed at unconstitutionally investigating President Trump and his administration,” Trump and his lawyer claimed. “Our law does not allow such impulsive and malicious behavior against the former President and his close advisers.”

The White House said earlier this month that Biden would not prevent the National Archives from handing over documents related to the communications between Trump and his aides surrounding January 6 to the Parliamentary Commission.

The White House adviser, Dana Remus, said in a letter to national archivists that she believed that refraining from publishing the document was “not in the best interests” of the United States.

Trump is not the only official who refused to work with the Commission on January 6th. His former strategist Steve Bannon rejected the parliamentary subpoena to provide evidence to the Commission. The committee will meet on Tuesday to consider whether he will be charged with criminal insult.

On the final day of his inauguration, President Trump forgave Banon charged with deceiving hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters who donated to a crowdfunding campaign and built a wall on the US-Mexico border.

Trump sue to prevent disclosure of presidential records related to parliamentary riots

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