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Jonathan Remia

Washington (AP) — It’s not just Joe Biden’s transition to the presidential election that’s under the microscope.

President Donald Trump and his allies have erroneously argued that his own presidency was denied a fair opportunity for a clean launch, reminiscent of his own transition four years ago. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany raised the case from the White House podium last week, and the same idea came to light by Trump’s personal attorney and his former Director of National Intelligence.

A comparison is made by Trump and his team, which undermines his right to an orderly transition by unleashing misunderstandings about Biden’s election legitimacy and both this election season and Trump’s treatment four years ago. It is part of an extensive attempt.

“It’s worth remembering that this president was never given an orderly transfer of power. His presidency was never accepted,” McKenny refused to help the Trump administration move to Biden. He told reporters who questioned what he had done.

But the situation is very different.

The day after the defeat in 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton admitted.

“Donald Trump will be our president,” she said. “We have a chance to lead him with an open mind.”

The next day, President Barack Obama, who described Trump as a threat to the state, invited the presidential election to the White House and visited with him in the Oval Office. Obama’s aide provided assistance to Trump’s next staff.

“My top priority in the next two months is to facilitate the transition to ensure the success of the presidential election,” Obama said.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Trump thanked Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, for “their kind assistance during this transition” and called them “great.”

Trump’s team is undoubtedly chaotic in his own transition, but in many ways the confusion was due to his own actions.

Trump fired former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who was responsible for his transition, and abandoned his plans for months, sometimes in favor of a reality-like cabinet recruitment process. His team ignored the Obama administration’s offer of help.

This is far from McKennie’s explanation, which Trump admits and is increasing pressure for his administration to begin working with Biden’s transition team. In particular, Biden has been denied access to the president’s daily intelligence briefings and detailed briefings on vaccine distribution programs, with more than 255,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the United States.

Trump refused to admit, instead making unfounded claims of fraudulent elections and attempting long-term legal challenges that could undermine the country’s democratic tradition.

In 2016, despite his claim, Trump received standard cooperation during the transition.

However, Trump’s team largely ignored the advice from Obama’s staff, leaving the briefing book unopened and ignoring the special iPad with the material loaded. Due to lack of preparation, he remained ignorant of even how to operate the overhead intercom in the West Wing.

The potential migration plans that Christie worked on over the months have been abandoned. He was dismissed from his post as part of a long-standing feud between the president’s son-in-law and future senior White House adviser Jared Kushner.

When the cabinet candidate visited him at the Trump Tower, some of Trump’s employment took place on a whim. After being recommended by Trump’s children, the president-elect chose Michael Flynn as his national security adviser, despite Obama’s warning. Flynn went out in less than a month.

In a recent autobiography, Christie has dropped 30 binders and members of the Trump team have “removed guidance to make the candidate a very effective president,” “just helped them choose a launch.” I stole it from the man, “he wrote, and he deserves a lot of money. “

McKennie and colleagues allege that Trump was weakened by an FBI investigation held in the summer of 2016 on possible election interference. The investigation was taken over by special adviser Robert Mueller in May, following Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey.

Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani claimed at a press conference last week that the FBI had damaged Trump and “spent $ 40 million on our country” and “created a Russian conspiracy plan.” Rick Grenelle, a former Trump ambassador to Germany and deputy director of national intelligence, said what Obama offered was “not a peaceful transition” because the FBI had already worked to undermine Trump.

Almost two years later, Mueller found insufficient evidence to prosecute anyone in the Trump campaign for colluding with Russia to shake the election. During his term, Mr. Trump said he had assembled an investigation as part of a “witch hunt” intended to destroy the presidency, showing that federal bureaucrats were against him.

Obama had no role in directing the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s relationship with Trump’s campaign or blocking Trump’s transition to president. Obama knew that his intelligence authorities were investigating Russian intervention and was concerned about Trump and his background, but the decision to investigate was not him, but his law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Made by

After losing to Biden, Trump has repeatedly challenged election fairness with false claims about voting and sought ways to prevent proof of voting. The Trump administration has not yet officially acknowledged Biden’s victory, delaying the transition when the country is facing a confluence of economic and health crises.

“The lack of transition and cooperation is the most reckless and irresponsible thing he has ever done,” former Obama senior adviser David Proof said in a recent interview. “There was an election in early November, and the new president will take over in the third week of January. It’s not time at all, it’s over in a blink of an eye. The damage is enormous.”


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