Trump team requests recount of Georgia’s presidential race – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-11-22 07:39:37 –

President Donald Trump’s campaign called for a recount of votes in the Georgia presidential election the following Saturday, when state officials proved that Democrat Joe Biden had won the state.

The Georgia results show that Biden defeated Trump with 12,670 votes out of about 5 million casts, or 0.25%. State law allows candidates to request a recount if the margin is less than 0.5%. Republican Governor Brian Kemp has formalized the state slate of 16 presidential electors.

The Trump campaign sent a hand-delivered letter to the Secretary of State requesting a recount in an election full of charges of unfounded fraud by Trump and his supporters.

A statement from Trump’s legal team said: “Today, the Trump campaign has filed a petition for recounting in Georgia. We focus on ensuring that all aspects of Georgia law and the US Constitution are complied with and that all statutory votes are counted. President Trump and his campaign continue to insist on an honest recount in Georgia, which must include signature verification and other important safeguards. “

On Friday, Kemp also raised concerns about signatures when proving state electors. But Republican Secretary of State Brad Lafence is confident in the results, saying in a statement on Saturday in The Washington Post that “Georgia’s voting system has become safer and more reliable than ever.” It was.

In fact, the absentee ballot application and envelope signature must be verified upon receipt.

Later on Saturday, Lafence Purger sent a written message to Vice-Presidents, officially informing county return officers to prepare for recounting, and allowing political parties to gather observers at their respective locations. I asked you to do it.

“This is so scrutinized that we emphasize to the county the importance of process transparency and accuracy,” Lafence Purger said in an instruction to his aide.

Recounting is done using a scanner that reads and aggregates votes. County electoral workers have already done the full sign language of all the votes cast in the presidential election. However, it is due to mandatory audit requirements and is not considered an official recount under the law.

State law requires that one race be manually audited to ensure that the machine counts ballots correctly, and Raffensperger chose the presidential election. He said the race required a full hand count of ballots to complete the audit due to the narrow margins.

Mr. Trump criticized the audit and called it a “joke” in a tweet that claimed “thousands of fraudulent votes were found” without evidence. Twitter has flagged posts as containing controversial information.

Previously uncounted votes were found in several counties during the audit. As a result, election results had to be recertified in those counties before the states could certify the results.

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Trump team requests recount of Georgia’s presidential race Source link Trump team requests recount of Georgia’s presidential race

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