Trump tested positive for Covid a few days before Biden’s debate, the Chief of Staff said in a new book | Donald Trump

Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 three days before his first discussion with Joe Biden. This was revealed in a new book by the former president’s fourth and last chief of staff.

Mark Meadows also knew that each candidate “must have a negative virus test within 72 hours of the start time … nothing I was about to quit [Trump] From going out there. “

Meadows states in the book that Trump returned a negative result from another test shortly after the positive.

Nevertheless, the surprising revelation of unreported positive tests continues after a year. Speculation Whether Trump, then 74, could have been infected with a deadly virus when he faced Biden, 77, in Cleveland on September 29, and what danger it poses.

Trump announced on October 2nd that he has Covid. The White House said it announced the results within an hour of receiving it. He went to the hospital later that day.

Memoirs of Meadows, Chiefs Chief will be published next week All Seasons Press, Conservative outlet. The Guardian got a copy on Tuesday. Meadows said he would reverse the course and cooperate with the House Committee investigating the deadly parliamentary attack on January 6.

Meadows says Trump’s positive result on September 26 was a shock to the White House, which had just been staged. Victory Rose Garden Ceremony Supreme Court candidate Amy Connie Barrett – an opportunity now widely considered Covid Superspreader event..

Despite the president’s appearance of being “a little tired” and suspicious of being “a little cold,” Meadows says he was “satisfied” with Trump’s trip that night. Rally in Middle Town, Pennsylvania.

But when Marine One took off, Meadows wrote, a White House doctor called.

“Stop the president leaving,” Meadows says Sean Conley told him. “He tested positive for Covid.”

I couldn’t stop Trump, but when he called from Air Force One, his Chief of Staff informed him.

“President,” said Meadows. “I have bad news. The Covid-19 test was positive.”

In Trump’s reply, a devout Christian wrote:[d] “Oh, spit, you have to cover me and get on the truck.”

Meadows are “buckets of hand disinfectants” and “mostly” [seeing] Anyone[d]Not rigorously tested. “

Meadows says the positive test was done with an older model kit. “I was hoping that the tests would be repeated on the Binax system and the first test would be a false positive,” he told Trump.

After a “short but tense wait,” Meadows called back with news of the negative test. He wrote, “I could almost hear the collective” thank God “sounding in the hut.”

Meadows says Trump regarded the call as “a full permit to push as if nothing had happened.” However, during his trip to Pennsylvania, his Chief of Staff “instructed everyone in his direct circle to treat him as if he were positive.”

“I didn’t want to take unnecessary risks,” Meadows wrote. .. “

Meadows wrote that the audience at the rally “never knew something was wrong.”

However, the public was not informed about the president’s trials.

On Sunday, September 27, the first day between the test and the debate, Meadows played golf in Virginia and held an event “Talking about the Value of Sacrifice” for the military family, but Trump was mostly. He says he didn’t do anything.

Playing cards Said later He may have been infected at the event. “Sometimes within an inch of my face, they want to hug me, and they want to kiss me. And they do, and frankly, I want to back them up. I’m not saying. “

In his book, Meadows also does not mention that Trump held a press conference indoors in the White House’s briefing room. same day..

Trump performed on Monday, September 28th event So he talked to the business leader and looked inside the “new truck cab.”He also Rose Garden Press Conference “About the work we all have done to fight Covid-19.”

“Ironically, given his situation,” Meadows wrote. Trump talked about a new testing strategy that “seems to give faster and more accurate measurements of whether someone is positive.”

The meadow rubs his head when a doctor talks about Trump’s health in Bethesda on October 4. Photo: Erin Scott / Reuters

The White House had not yet publicly reported that Trump was positive and then negative two days ago.

On the day of the debate on September 29, Meadows says Trump looked a little better. a bit“.

“His face, at least in most cases, regained its normal bright bronze shade, and the gravel in his voice had disappeared. But the bear under his eyes was deepening. At the venue around 5 pm When I stepped in, I found that I was moving more slowly than usual. He walked with a little extra weight on his back. “

Trump performed a ferocious and controversial performance, constantly attacking Biden to the Democratic point. Appealed: “Can you shut up? This is a very non-president.”

Host, Fox News Chris Wallace, Said later Trump was not tested prior to the debate due to his late arrival. According to Wallace, the organizers depended on the honor system.

The White House did not say that Trump tested positive and negative three days ago.

Trump on October 2nd, 3 days later Presentation He and his wife, Melania Trump, tweeted that they were positive.

That night, Meadows helped Trump go to the hospital.During his stay, Meadows helped with the orchestration Stunt It was to show that the president was in good health. Trump has recovered, but report Covid’s case was far more serious than the White House had ever forgiven.

Trump tested positive for Covid a few days before Biden’s debate, the Chief of Staff said in a new book | Donald Trump

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