Trump the campaign object to mute the button, but the debate goes on Thursday

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Steve Holland

Washington (Reuters)-Thursday’s debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden will allow each candidate to speak uninterrupted to avoid the turmoil that hurt the first match. It features a mute button, the organizer said on Monday.

The presidential debate committee said Mike of each candidate would be silenced at the beginning of each 15-minute segment of the debate so that other candidates could make a two-minute opening remark. After that, both microphones will be turned on and you will be able to move back and forth.

Trump’s campaign opposed the change, but said he would still participate.

“President Trump is committed to discussing Joe Biden in their latest attempt to benefit their favored candidates, despite last-minute rule changes from a biased committee. “It’s done,” said campaign manager Bill Steppin.

The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the latest developments.

The news shows that more than 30 million Americans voted early before the election date on November 3, and Trump is lagging behind in state and state opinion polls. It was the day I tried to restructure the contest shown.

Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden during the chaotic and creepy debate on September 29, and Biden responded with insult.

Mr. Trump withdrew from a second debate scheduled last Thursday over disagreements over virtual formats after COVID-19 infection. At that time, he expressed concern about muting the microphone.

“You’re sitting behind a computer and having a discussion. It’s ridiculous and they always cut you off,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Business on October 8.

Mr. Trump’s campaign dissatisfied with a series of topics announced in the debate on Thursday, arguing that foreign policy should be more focused, and complaining that independent groups are leaning towards Biden. It was.

Biden’s campaign said both sides had previously agreed to let moderators choose a subject. Mr. Trump said he would like to avoid discussing his stewardship to the coronavirus pandemic. Research shows that this is the biggest problem for voters.

“As always, the president is not in danger of the country, but is interested in the rules of debate,” said Biden spokesman TJ Duccro.

Report by Steve Holland; Additional report by Trevor Hunnicutt, Joseph Ax, Andy Sullivan. Edited by Scott Malone and Peter Cooney.


Source: Reuters

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