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Washington (AP) —Donald Trump intends to claim executive privilege in a parliamentary investigation into a riot in the Capitol on January 6, according to a letter on behalf of the former president.

The letter was addressed to at least some witnesses summoned by the House Commission and that Trump plans to exercise privileges intended to prevent the president’s communications from being shared with Congress. It is clear. The content of the letter from Trump’s lawyer was explained Thursday by someone familiar with it who spoke anonymously to the Associated Press as the letter had not yet been published.

A Trump spokesperson did not immediately return a message asking for comment. “We will fight subpoenas for our country for executive privilege and other reasons,” Mr. Trump said in a statement last month.

The move is a clash between Trump and a House Democrat investigating the role of his allies in preparation for a riot when a horde of Trump supporters invades the Capitol while Congress is proving the results. Set the stage for possibilities Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election. The Commission will promptly issue subpoenas to individuals who have something to do with Trump or who helped plan a large rally on the morning of January 6, and he will “fight like hell” to his supporters. I told you.

The commission, which was established in the summer, issued a subpoena to Mark Meadows, the former Chief of Staff of Trump, last month. Former Deputy Director of Communications Dan Scabino. Former Pentagon employee Kashap Patel. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. It was not immediately clear how those witnesses would react to Trump’s actions, or the consequences they might face if they refused to cooperate.

“We will continue to tell the truth about January 6th to the American people,” Patel said in a statement. I didn’t say if he would obey.

Members of the committee said they plan to act swiftly to obtain testimony and documents if witnesses refuse to cooperate. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff tweeted that “they could be criminally insulted” if Trump’s companions did not obey.

Prosecuting Trump’s companions for insults can still be a long process, including full house voting and potential proceedings.

Since Trump is no longer in office, he cannot directly claim the privilege of shutting down the Witnesses or keeping the documents out of Congress. As the current president, Biden will have some say on this issue.

The Commission has issued more than 12 subpoenas to those involved in the January 6 protest plan, including three additional witnesses announced Thursday. Those individuals will be less likely to get help from Trump’s claim of executive privilege, which is limited to those who worked in the White House.

Chairman Bennie Thompson (Democratic Party) said Subpoena went to Ali Abdul Akbar and Nathan Martin, also known as Ali Alexander, and the organization “Stop the Steel” on a large scale at the National Mall. It was planned on the grounds of the Capitol at the same time as the rally. The Commission has previously summoned 11 other individuals involved in the planning of the large rally.

According to the commission, Alexander said he intended to link “stop theft” to the parliamentary assembly permit after the riots and instruct the participants of the larger assembly to march to the parliamentary building. Announced. The panel cited reports that Alexander had been in contact with the White House and members of the House of Representatives, citing “the potential use of violence to achieve the organization’s goals.”

“The January 6 Capitol rally was just before a violent attack on the democratic seat, like the rally near the White House that day,” Thompson said in a statement. “During that day, the protesters escalated into violence and the protesters went into riots.”

“We need to understand all the details about what happened before the attack, including who was involved in the planning and funding,” Thompson said.

Alexander claimed to have helped lawmakers plan a rally that led to the siege of the Capitol. He has been on Trump’s track for several years, with dozens of other conservative voices and far-right provocatives attending Trump’s July 2019 Presidential Social Media Summit. was doing.

In October 2020, the Arizona Republicans apparently asked supporters to consider giving their lives to keep Trump in power, retweeting Alexander’s Twitter pledge.


Associated Press writers Jill Corbin, Ben Fox, and Farnoche Amiri contributed to this report.

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