“Trump used us and our horror”: A woman’s journey from QAnon

The theory now seems obsessed with Peron, but in retrospect she understands how they pulled her in. These stories provided an agency: the evil cabal can be defeated. I couldn’t get a diffuse feeling that things were out of her control.

The theory was fiction, but I was fascinated by the emotional vulnerabilities that arose from reality. For Mr. Peron, it was a feeling that the Democratic Party betrayed her after deeply trusting it in her lifetime.

Her immigrant family from the former Yugoslavia was a working-class Detroit union Democrat whose middle-class lifestyle declined after the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed. As an inspector in the insurance industry, she spent decades watching union jobs diminish in factories. Still, she stayed at the party because she believed it was fighting for her. When Bernie Sanders became presidential candidate, she found him touching.

“He verbally expressed what I didn’t understand, but I was looking around me,” said Peron, now 55. “The middle class was shrinking. With 1 percent, businesses have more control and are taking more money.”

She was convinced that the establishment of the Democratic Party would boost him, and she began volunteering for his campaign and met many new friends in the movement. But she felt that the news media barely covered him. After that, he lost the 2016 primary.When she started Read leaked email That fall, it seemed to her that the establishment of the party had attempted a plot to thwart him.

She spent weeks examining hacked emails from Mr Podesta, the Democratic National Committee, and Mrs. Clinton. Her extraordinary discoveries infuriated her and put her on the path to conspiracy theory and ultimately to QAnon.

“There were no conversational tips about working class,” she said of email. Instead, she said it was an “expensive dinner party, a special gathering.”

“Trump used us and our horror”: A woman’s journey from QAnon

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