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Washington-Prosecutor with former president Donald TrumpThe Justice Department has summoned to Apple about data from at least two Democrats who served on the House Intelligence Committee, as well as aides and their families, one of whom is a minor, ABC News is familiar with the investigation. Confirmed by four sources.

House intelligence officials said last month that Apple notified about 12 members of the committee that DOJ issued a grand jury subpoena for information and metadata in February 2018. I confirmed to.

The story is First reported According to the New York Times.

The committee was informed that the issue had been resolved in May. However, House intelligence officials said the DOJ did not provide information on whether the subpoena was intended for Democrats only.

Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, one of the Democrats whose records were seized as part of the investigation, called for a general investigation of the Inspector General on Thursday night after receiving the report.

“President Trump has repeatedly and urgently demanded that the Department of Justice carry out his political will and attempted to use the Department of Justice as a club against his political opponents and members of the media,” Schiff said in a statement. “It is becoming increasingly clear that these demands have not been listened to. The attacks on the politicization of the province and the rule of law are the most dangerous attacks on our democracy by the former president. It is one. “

“In May, we were notified by the ministry that the investigation was over, but I think we need more answers, which is why inspectors suggest the case and the weaponization of law enforcement by the corrupt president. I think we should investigate other cases, “he added.

A Republican Commission spokesman did not answer the question as to whether GOP members of the panel were similarly targeted or notified.

Eric Swolwell, another member of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN moderator Don Lemon that he was the second Democratic Party member targeted by the Trump Justice Department through Apple. It was.

“Don, Apple has informed me that they have seized my record,” Swolwell told CNN. “That’s wrong. What they’re doing is trying to fill and clear. Whether it’s why Donald Trump was impeached for trying to chase then Vice President Biden, through the Justice Department. You’ve seen this, or you know that through Mueller’s investigation, you’re making other efforts, and I support the call of Chairman Schiff’s inspector. “

Lawmakers were unaware that they were being investigated until Apple notified them last month, as the Justice Department secured Apple’s gag order, which expired this year, according to sources. Apple declined to comment on ABC News.

According to someone familiar with the inquiry, Apple submitted only metadata and account information, not photos, emails, or other content.

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Trump’s Justice Department seized data of House Democrats from Apple: Sources Source link Trump’s Justice Department seized data of House Democrats from Apple: Sources

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