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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-03-17 11:25:12 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Affordable housing is a problem here in the metro area. Today, a grassroots campaign called Missing Middle Housing is calling for change.

“Putting a lot of land into a single housing unit will increase housing costs. Creating more housing options in dense, walkable and dense areas will reduce housing costs. Missing Middle Housing Will Green, the founder of, said:

So what does the missing intermediate home look like? Think of a duplex, town home, or multiplex built to fit an existing residential area. Encourage people to live, work and shop locally in their neighborhood.

Good examples are Little Italy and Bohemian Village.

Sri Madra, a supporter of the Missing Middle Housing, said:

Ease of walking is important when identifying and developing these communities.

“For me, walking and working is very important. I want to reduce carbon and carbon dioxide emissions, but I want to reduce it. People like me without a middle housing I believe it is bringing it to the housing, “said Madra.

The city of Omaha has spent millions of dollars building public transport systems. Proponents of Missing Middle Housing said that more diverse homes need to be built for the transportation system to work.

The group will make this an issue in future elections.

“We are asking all candidates for the city council and the mayor,” What is your plan to end exclusive zoning? ” Today’s zoning code only allows large single-family homes and does not serve Omaha, “Green said.

City officials need to submit an ordinance that amends the zoning code to allow various housing options to fill the gap in the missing intermediate housing.

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Trying to find affordable housing in the metro Source link Trying to find affordable housing in the metro

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