Trying to govern government drone purchases

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  • The government aims to give government agencies more control over who can buy drones. The Department of General Procurement has removed all drones from multiple award schedule contracts that have not been approved by the Department of Defense. To sell a drone through a MAS contract, the company must be approved through DoD’s Blues UAS program.
  • The Human Resources Department has some new guidance on how government agencies temporarily place personnel in political positions after the inauguration. Institutions may use special powers to establish temporary Schedule C political appointees as long as the number of positions does not exceed a certain threshold. Agencies can also place individuals in several non-career senior executive service positions. Cabinet agencies can install up to 5 non-carrier SES members. The upper limit for institutions other than cabinets is three. The OPM said these special authorities would help government agencies assist in the transition of the president.
  • Federal employees who were checking words in their inbox on early dismissals or snowy days would have to go elsewhere. The Human Resources Department has stated that it will no longer send operational status updates via email list serve. Federal employees should instead check for updates on the OPM website or on the agency’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also download the OPM operating status app to your mobile phone.
  • Another year, another milestone of the Merit System Protection Commission. MSPB is in its fourth year of the month without a quorum. The final decision could not be made on employees or institutions seeking disciplinary action across the Trump administration. And I haven’t had any members for almost two years. MSPB currently has a backlog of over 3,000 pending cases. Federal employment lawyers say they want the next Biden administration to quickly nominate new members who can work unprocessed. (((Federal News Network)
  • The General Procurement Department needs to make the Federal Building Prospectus shared with Congress publicly available. President Donald Trump has signed the Transparency of Federal Building Projects Act and demanded that the GSA make up to a decade of these documents available on its website. The House of Representatives Transport Infrastructure Committee has made some of this information from GSA available online. Commissioner Gary Palmer (R-Ala.) Submitted the bill.
  • The longest-serving GSA administrator in the last 25 years will retire today. Emily Murphy has been the GSA administrator for over 1,100 days and today is the last day of her work. Murphy told the GSA earlier this week that he would leave the administration prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20 in the presidential election. In a farewell email received by the Federal News Network, Murphy highlighted GSA’s success over the past three years, including savings of over $ 21 billion, reduced leased office space, and a 36% increase in Federal Acquisition Service revenue. .. Murphy didn’t mention some of her controversial decisions about confirmation, the FBI building, or the Trump Hotel. Murphy called being a GSA administrator a “one-time opportunity.”
  • The Pentagon said there are new ways to keep the supply chain out of foreign enemies. The Pentagon said too many SMEs are dependent on investors. Investors are actually shell companies owned by foreign governments, seeking to acquire intellectual property. In response, the ministry has set up an online marketplace to match “trustworthy” investors with the 27 innovators that the Pentagon wants to do business with. According to the authorities, the new review process will take about a week. It is primarily used to ensure that investors are not owned or controlled by China or any other country. (((Federal News Network)
  • The latest military commander will finally have a place to hang the hat. According to the Air Force, the US Space Force will be headquartered at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. The command was temporarily contained in Colorado Springs, Colorado, until the service could find a new command home. SPACECOM was founded in 2019 with the mission of operating in space and deterring conflicts. The Air Force said Alabama was the best option because of mission-related factors, infrastructure capacity, and community support. The Air Force will complete the decision after completing an environmental impact assessment in the spring of 2023.
  • Six defense contractors are currently suspending political contributions following a violent attack on the Capitol. Lockheed Martin and Boeing have joined Northrop Grumman, Raidos, BAE and Raytheon and have suspended the political action committee. Other defense contractors have blamed the attack, but have not yet announced anything about funding the candidate. Shipbuilder Hunting Ingalls Industries is currently considering donations. Other companies withholding funding include Marriott, Dow Chemical, and Amazon.
  • A new view from the US Patent and Trademark Office on why everyone needs to keep an eye on China. The number of Chinese trademark and patent applications for the USPTO is increasing, and by 2019 it will be almost half of the world total. I wanted to know the reason. As a result of detailed research, the PTO concluded that many of them are driven by what agencies call non-market factors. Includes government subsidies and obligations, malicious intent, and defensive countermeasures. Thanks to China’s filings under international agreements, the number of bad patents and trademarks valid in the United States and other countries is increasing.
  • The IRS is asking Congress for additional funding to overhaul taxpayer services. The IRS estimates that $ 4 billion will be required to meet its obligations under the Taxpayer First Act from now to 2025. IRS personnel answered only 24% of taxpayer calls during fiscal year 2020, with callers on hold for an average of 18 minutes. Face-to-face staff at the Taxpayer Support Center have also been on the decline for the past three years.
  • One of the ideas that won the GEAR Center challenge is trying to be a pilot. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency will probably be the first of two agencies to lead a 6-month pilot to hire and train people with autism. Due to the disproportionate amount of unemployment in the autistic community and the high demand for qualified technicians, pilots are encouraged to train candidates for high-demand IT positions that will lead to a career in the federal government. I am aiming. Through pilots, MITER, who leads the project, develops a federal-focused guide to autism work.

Trying to govern government drone purchases

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