TSA detects guns at Hopkins Airport – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-08-05 21:30:43 –

Cleveland (WJW) – Cleveland police This week, he seized two pistols at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Around noon on Tuesday, TSA police officers found a pistol during regular X-ray inspections of carry-on baggage and warned Cleveland police.

A traveler with a valid Ohio hidden carry permit told police that he had forgotten that the gun was in his bag. Police confiscated a gun loaded with five ammunition.

Around 6 am on Thursday, police officers were warned if another pistol was found during the TSA screening. The traveler, who also has a valid Ohio hidden carry permit, said he forgot that the gun was in his bag.

Credit: TSA

The loaded firearm was confiscated by the police.

“The TSA has a message to travelers. Please be aware of your carry-on baggage before you arrive at the airport and do not bring firearms or other prohibited items at security checkpoints,” Ohio said. Said Donald Barker, Director of the TSA Federal Security Administration. “Despite the steady increase in the number of travelers screened daily, the TSA is focused on its security mission to prevent all types of security threats from entering the sterile areas of airports and aircraft. I will continue to be vigilant. “

So far this year, the TSA has detected 10 firearms during screening at Hopkins Airport. A total of 26 firearms were detected at security checkpoints in 2019, and 18 firearms were detected last year.

A typical first breach to bring a loaded pistol to a checkpoint is $ 4,100.

TSA personnel will remind passengers that they can unload their luggage, pack it in a locked hardcover case separate from the ammunition, and declare it at the airline’s check-in counter to carry their firearms in their checked baggage.

The TSA has details on how to properly travel with a firearm. Website.

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