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University of Tulsa Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity is one of Tulsa’s prominent African-American organizations Greenwood Cultural Center..

The mission of the Greenwood Cultural Center is to “protect the African-American heritage and promote a positive image of the African-American community by providing educational and cultural experiences. Promote. Encourage cultural tourism. ”To do this, the center preserves the history of Tarsa. Black wall street An era of living through the 1921 exhibition Tulsa race massacre.. We also offer several programs for young people in Tulsa.

Lambda Chi Alpha has chosen to support the Greenwood Cultural Center because the organization sheds valuable light on Tulsa’s past. Jarrell Sims, finance Members of Lambda Chi Alpha, who lead the majors and initiatives, explained its importance: “This project makes a lot of sense to us. Not only do we support the local Black Organization doing tremendous work in the Tulsa community, but what we represent as fraternity. It makes a clear statement about what it is. “

“It was no more encouraging for Lamda Chi Alpha to develop this initiative,” said Amanda Chastang, TU’s Diversity Officer. “Greek life is screaming on campus, and this fraternity is a practical way to use that platform to build communities in times of highly fragmented climate in our country. An example is shown. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre in 1921, our TU community is responsible for setting the standard for educating the campus not only about the genocide, but also about the prosperous success of Blackwall Street. .. It is very important not only to acknowledge this history, but also to support and give back to black-owned businesses in today’s Greenwood. “

Jarrell Sims in a blue shirt, tie and black blazer with a smile
Jarrell Sims

In The Sims’ view, “Excluding our country from systematic racism against colored races requires the conscious efforts of all people in all areas. The Greenwood Cultural Center is just the beginning for us. I’m sorry. We want to support more organizations striving to bring about positive social change for undervalued communities. We hope that this will allow more organizations on TU’s campus to use the platform to voice opposition to all forms of inequality. It is everyone’s duty to fight for a future in which everyone is treated fairly and equally. “

All money collected by Lambda Chi Alpha will be sent directly to the Greenwood Cultural Center. If you want to support this valuable cause, click here..

Does this sound like the kind of project you want to participate in in your college experience? Learn more about life in Greece Opportunity to give back to the community around TU.

TU fraternity raising funds to support local African American cultural center – Source link TU fraternity raising funds to support local African American cultural center –

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