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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —The Fire Department and Tucson Medical Center work together (Tucson Collaborative Community Care or TC-3) to understand the resources needed by specific residents on a mission to reduce 911 calls in the Tucson area. did. You don’t have to call 911.

“For these resources, it can be a myriad of things. But our main ones are people with aging problems. Therefore, mobility problems. Maybe well-managed. People with no chronic medical problems. Substance abuse or behavioral health problems. Both often occur at the same time, so we put them together, “said Tuson Fire Chief Chris Don. Told.

Before the TC-3 went on sale at Tucson House, Don tracked 90 days ago to see the number of 911 calls from his place of residence.

“Tucson House alone had about 150 calls, which is more than any other address in the city. However, the population of low-income people and the elderly with chronic medical needs is high, and these Some people have complex problems that seem to be intertwined in all areas, “says Don.

Don says, that’s not unexpected. In low-income areas, 911 calls will increase. Tucson House happens to be one of the largest and most inhabited buildings in the city.

“Looking back over those 90 days, the majority of about 60% of calls coming from that address were related to various mobility issues, so it could be a fall injury,” Don said.

TC-3 was awarded $ 20,000 by the Somos Unos Resiliency Fund. With that money, it provided hundreds of Tucson House residents with durable medical equipment that could help them eat and move.

“Something like a wheelchair blocks the railing of the shower chair in the tub, so you can sit in the bath wherever there is a high probability of a fall,” said Don.

Within another 90 days, TC-3 will see if the 911 calls have actually diminished.

“We may never reach zero, but it’s good enough to get close to zero,” Don said.

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