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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — “We are a family of Morales and are jumping for joy to brighten your Christmas.”

The Tucson family pair has been spotlighted on ABC Thursday as part of the ninth season of the Great Christmas Light Fight.

The two homes are competing with two homes in the Phoenix area for the coveted “Light Fight” trophy and a $ 50,000 grand prize.

“With over 65,000 lights and over 150 handmade decorations, it has been a great pleasure to bring the display to its current state over the last 33 years,” said Tucsonan Dan Moussette.

His family lives near Camino de la Tierra and Orange Grove. They couldn’t win the “Light Fight”, but Dan said he wouldn’t trade off the Christmas experience.

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“It was very exciting to be in the Christmas Light Fight,” Musset said. “My wife, my two granddaughters. We had a great time and really enjoyed the experience.”

Near the river and La Canada, there is another house illuminated by the sky. The house belongs to the Morales family.

They use 300,000 pixels to move to music. It has spectators who dance and jump for joy.

“Synchronizing everything with music is a daunting task and we’re proud of the entire display,” said participating homeowner Frank Morales.

Morales also says he is proud that it is a true Morales family Christmas display.

In the end, neither Tucson family won the “Light Fight”.

The honor is given to families in the Phoenix area with over 300,000 lights and 400 cartoon clippings.

Dan Moussette tells KGUN 9 that this is the last year he has installed his huge light display. He said it was time for the younger generation to take over the spirit of Christmas decoration.


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Tucson families compete on “Great Christmas Light Fight” Source link Tucson families compete on “Great Christmas Light Fight”

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